Happy 1st Birthday, Zayyan Umar

Happy 1st Birthday Adik Zayyan!

My petite little Z yang garang and suka menjerit. He is one tough cookie! He rarely cries his lungs out when Abang bullies, or when he had little bumps here and there. A little ehek ehek and he’s done!

Giving birth to you was one of my best life experiences. I never knew I could endure so much pain. But because of you, the pain was so worth it. You are always in my prayers. Mama and Ayah doakan Adik jadi anak yang soleh, pandai, sihat, murah rezeki and dilindungi Allah selalu. Kami doa yang baik2 saja untuk anak2 Mama Ayah.

We love you very very much and you mean the world to us!

Your party awaits. Let’s have a double celeb with Abang IY ok?

Hugs, kisses and gomoi,

-Mama & Ayah-


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