Breastfeeding: One year

Alhamdulillah I’m here. One year mark. Wow! Pat on my back. I have to say I’m proud of myself. I didn’t get this far with IY dulu so please excuse me for my excited-ness ni.

My first year journey was not a rosy adventure. Semua dah merasa dah. Sore nips, low stock, ebm cair pintu freezer tak tutup ketat, susu kurang, malas pump and my latest is kena gigit! I think semua tu pengalaman bf yang tak dapat kat mana2. Bak kata Visa (eh ke Mastercard?)’s priceless. Indeed. I wouldn’t trade it for a million bucks.

Walaupun I’m not the type yang susu banyak melimpah ruah ( I only have less than 5 bottles of frozen EBM in the freezer and it has been like that for the past few months), I truly believe that BF is all about determination and belief. You must have faith that you will and you want to breastfeed. Kalau susu banyak segelen pun, kalau determination tu takde, bye bye la jawabnye.

I learned a lot from being a second time BF mom…jangan panic (although ada la sikit kan? Hehe)…and jangan stress. Always have a back up plan in mind of all the what ifs. As for me, I dah set mind, susu ada susu ada…pump pump pump. Kalau tak cukup, amik cuti! I dah set my mind akan cuti kalau stock tak cukup. Tapi at the same time, I tak nak jadi the hardcores yang reject FM or any other substitutes. Yang cakap bagi anak susu lembu jadi anak lembu la..itu la ini.. tu semua tu (btw, that’s harsh okay?).

Satu je I tak larat nak buat….BANGUN MALAM TO PUMP! I surrender yang tu. Tried tapi tak jadi. Masa pantang je boleh buat. Right now I’m too tired to wake up at night.

As for now, my journey continues. Here’s for the next 12 months!



13 thoughts on “Breastfeeding: One year

  1. Good Job Pu3,

    ada juga orang ckp bagi anak susu lembu jadi lembu… hahahha..nak gelak sbb tooo shallow. Tapi itulah manusia. Tutup mulut tempayan senang..nak tutup mulut org mmg susah.

    • Thanks dear!

      Adaaaa….kalau bukak forum2 tu..they say harsh things (which they thought supposed to be kata2 semangat for bf moms). Tapi they don’t realized that it hurts.

  2. hahaha….whateva to ‘them’. For me buat sebaik mungkin & mengikut keupayaan diri sendiri. Insyaallah allah akan permudahkan untuk kita.

    • Good! Kena set mind dari awal. And also kena learn pasal bf, how to handle the milk semua tu. So bila kita dah tau semua, kita tak rasa bf ni membebankan.

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  4. yay! one year down! ish ape kena la dgn org yg judgmental sgt with ppl who give formula. when i was working i gave gibran formula whenever stok susu badan tak cukup. buat pekak je la dgn org yg camtu. anyway, i pun surrender bab pam malam malam! tak larat nyaaa..

    • Yes buat pekak je. I’m lucky I’m not surrounded by those kind of people. I tahu pun sebab nampak dalam forums yang mommy bf hardcore ni.

      Haaa kan? Kadang2 tu semangat lebih…kunci jam bagai nak bangun pump konon! Sekali snoozeeeee je sampai pagi…wakakakaka!

  5. congrats dear! 1 year to go! Alhamdulillah rezeki Zayyan this time dpt minum susu bdn lama skit. caiyok2 ! for me,i salute those mommies yg tried their best to give the best for their babies,at least they tried. campur susu later due to individual reasons itu 2nd matter. 12 mths to goooooo,gud luck!!

  6. Suka entry ni!! Let us fight for BF till the end. So, ZU still on full bf till now? but u campur solid food jugakkan just not FM is it? Good job! No FM for the 1st 6 months….after that kalu campur ok dah. But I salute u!

    • Thanks!!
      Yes ZU is still fully bf. Dia start makan solids after 6m. But 1m to 6m mmg exclusive bf.
      Tapi FM tak penah kasi. Lepas dia masuk 1yo baru nak introduce to fresh milk.

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