Shopping: The wedding stuff

I’m going to list the main vendors and suppliers I worked with for the past 6 months when planning my brother’s wedding.

The hall: Dewan Sri Siantan of Perbadanan Putrajaya (012-9230 237)

The hall can accommodate up to 1000 pax at one time. The price starts at RM8,500. Not including kerusi meja ya. Hence, the starts at.

PIC is En Ridhwuan, a nice guy who calls me Put. Hehe! Easy to work with although you have to be prepared to go through the bureaucracy processes dealing with a government agency. So many rules and regulations to adhere to. A little pening there.

Dewan Sri Siantan Perbadanan Putrajaya

The wedding planner: Sherly from Tie The Knot (012-3270 556)

She saved me from a lot of headache. That’s the best thing about having a wedding planner. Although her scope was not from A to Z as hers was mainly for the event day. I knew from the start that I wouldn’t be able to juggle on my own between coordinating the arrival of the pengantin and the ushering of the bride’s family while chasing IY around the hall! That’s where she stepped in. Everything about the kenduri day is on her. She made sure the caterer was on time, booking the gamelan, the newlyweds’ grand entrance and most of all the deco of the hall. She’s very organized being the middle person. She updates me with her meet-ups with other parties involved.

My dad is very simple guy. He doesn’t like things to be OTT. So basically the deco of the hall was suited to his taste. Simple and sweet. I wanted the pure kesucian terserlah look with mostly all white colour with a pinch of green ala garden wedding. I love white weddings! (Eh sapa pengantin ni?). When I found out that the pengantin also nak pakai white. I was afraid they would become invisible. But Sherly convinced me that won’t happen. And I guess it didn’t. Pengantin TETAP terserlah. I am happy with the result.

Meja makan beradap

The flower stand reminds me of my wedding

The wedding favours and invitation cards: Nad from Ole Ole Manis (012-3447 400)

Easy to work with and she got lotsa ideas. I just said I want something that’s looks Tiffany-ish and she just get it. Tak payah describe lebih2. Banyak yang dia suggest for designs and materials. Also very organized and kept me updated. Sekali sekala she will tag me on FB or send picture messages of the things that they are currently working on. Kotak dah sampai tengah lipat or dodol dah masukkan dalam box, etc. I suka macam tu. Takde la senyap je and keep us wondering. She delivered the boxes on the eve of the kenduri straight to the hall. Another headache cured! Recommended! Enough said.

The lace-y theme


Wedding favours

Polka dot boxes with dodol inside

The wedding favours: Mutiara Dodol (013-3755 587)

I liaised with their guy called Izat. Never met him. Just via email and sms. 2 weeks before the kenduri, they delivered the dodol directly to Ole Ole Manis for packing. Mutiara Dodol supplied dodols for my wedding too 7 years ago. My parents suka and ramai pun suka the dodol, so we opt for the same this time around. They supply to Petronas Mesra too. The packaging for Petronas is different la. But the taste tetap sama. Sedap.

Contact Izat if you want to order in bulk. Kalau nak beli sikit, pi cari kat Petronas Mesra je.

The wedding cake: Sue from Pumpkin Mummy (016-3379 916)

It’s a 3 tier cake with 3 different flavours. Chocolate moist, red velvet and buttercream with chocolate layer. We discussed a lot about this cake. A lot! Whatsapp hari2 towards the kenduri day to confirm the design and everything. Dia beli brooch tu pun dia send me pic dulu tanya ok ke tak. I kept telling her less is more. We want simplicity. And she did it.

I have to say I love the outcome. And the cakes taste as good as it looks.

Yummy no dummy 😛

The caterer: Fari’s Catering (017-8886 188)

This is dad’s favourite caterer.  Dah bertahun-tahun dia setia dengan En Hamid Sultan. My wedding dulu pun we use the same caterer. The food memang sedap. No doubt. Just maybe they need to polish on presentation and efficiency kot. Ahh well, biasa lah…kenduri kalau tak hiccups tak sah.


The hantaran: Shajaratul Design (013-3405 321)

I think ramai yang kenal Shajaratul Design ni. Her work memang cantik. For the hantaran designs, I leave it all up to her. I wasn’t that fussy. As long as they are presentable, we are happy enough. Due to a few clashes of her schedule, we were lucky enough for the completed hantarans to be delivered to our doorstep. Selalunye kena pick up! Talk about rezeki, eyh?

Hnatarans by Shaja

Oh please bear in mind, I’m not paid to say all of the above. I’m just a satisfied customer.



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