Shopping: Hijabs

Hati tertarik nak tulis ni lepas baca entry Aizura ni. So where do I usually get my tudungs?

Sri Munawwarah

This is not an online shop. It’s a boutique in Taman Tun Dr Ismail selling Muslim attire from head to toe. I love SM because they produce quality clothing. The fabric they choose are top notch and bertahan bertahun2. I still wear their stuff I bought 4-5 years ago. Yes they are bit pricey, but the quality justifies the price. I also think they are in a different league from most of the Muslimah boutiques out there.

I only wish they have online service.

De Zahra

I don’t remember how and when I started knowing De Zahra. I love DZ coz their material, cutting and length menepati piawaian saya. Just like SM. Sedap pakai. Also sebab they have alteration service. Contoh kalau your awning dah worn out, you can send it back to them for new awning at a very minimal charge. They can do size alterations too.For me I suka pakai lycra awning sebab thai silk awning susah nak jaga. I dah jarang buy the thai silk ones elsewhere. Tapi kat DZ I still buy the thai silk awning pakai sampai lunyai pastu send back to them tuka lycra awning pulak. They only accept their own DZ tudung though. Jangan pulak pi hantar tudung beli kat tempat lain.

They always update the FB page for new releases.


Percaya tak if I say I was first attracted to buy from here sebab model tudung dia cantik! Also sebab the price is reasonable so I gave it a go. Tapi sebab dah biasa tudung sedap from SM & DZ, theirs I tak berapa favour in terms of the cutting and awning yang agak kembang for me. They do give instructions on how to mend the senget awning by ironing from inside tapi I feel that tudung baru tak payah buat semua tu if sewn perfectly. So anyway, I stopped purchasing the awning style but moved on to their other collections. Long cotton shawl dia cantik2. The neck covers inner sedap pakai. Sejak pakai inner neck cover from SS baru I suka pakai syria or lilit2 style. Somehone my baby hair kat sideburns tak sibuk nak terkeluar bila pakai inner neck cover SS. Planning to buy more when they have more colours available. Currently tak banyak colour choice sangat.

Recently they just opened their boutique in Shah Alam. Dekat dengan Jakel. I’ve been there once. Sangat cantik and cozy. And I met the tudung model to i.e. tokey kedai. Sangat cantik. Hehe!

Alhumaira Contemporary

Ni yang latest I just found. Ada both online and real boutique kat Kota Damansara. I like their collection tapi lepas beli satu one of their instant syria sarung style, I find the length of the tudung agak pendek. Just ngam2 covers my chest. I find myself keep pulling the front part to cover my boobies but end up yang belakang pulak tertarik sama so terus yang belakang nampak bare pulak. Nehi nehi. Tapi no doubt design dia cantik2.

I bought this but tak jadi pakai sebab ingat macam pandai pakai rupanya tak pandai. Any takers? Still ada tag lagi tau. It’s double sided chiffon.

I guess that’s all for now. Ada la jugak website and kedai lain tapi I’m just listing my favourites.



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