Naquib’s First Birthday Party

The cousin turned 1 last Saturday. Mama Iera threw his son a splendid birthday Superhero-themed party! She turned the house into a mini Kizsports and oh boy my boys sure loved it! They had so much fun. Sampai si kenit tahan mata tak nak tido! Sanggup tuu!

Apa lagi…Mari layan gambars!

The living room bertukar jadi mini gymboree

Little Z enjoyed the slides..Weeee!!!!

Another weeee!!
I tak sempat to find them a superhero costume. Bought them plain white T’s and hot pressed some superhero logo! Voilaa!

My caption on my FB page for this pix “When Supergirl meets a confused Superhero”. Indeed. Dia nak pakai baju Batman berjacket Ben 10 pastu tidak dilupakan the Ironman mask. Or maybe I shall say an indecisive Superhero?

Daddy diaper changing game – Gee & Z won 2nd place!

Baby crawling game – I was luring Z with the helium balloon suruh dia datang cepat. Mommy’s wearing Poplook’s Elliot blouse btw if you haven’t noticed! Ahaks!

Group pix!!

The bib was customized by Iera for the baby guests! Cool eyh?

Ok dah la tu. My gambar semua tak clear la, amik dengan phone je. Kalau ada gambar cantiks from KC, akan ku tepek di sini!

Akhir kata, Happy 1st Birthday Naquib Nazhan. Auntie Pu3, Ngah, Abang Ilhan and Zayyan love you very much!



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