Too early for fresh milk, perhaps?

This is a continuation from my last post a about feeding Z with fresh milk.

Well, it didn’t turn out so good.

I bought the Dutch Lady 1-6 UHT milk dalam box tu. First attempt, I mix the milk into his porridge. Recipe ala2 carbonara la kononnye. Then, I informed the daycare that his porridge ada susu Dutch Lady so if he had any allergic reaction, they should know why. And to inform me immediately. Alhamdulillah, he survived the porridge.

After 2 days, baru I started giving him the milk directly. Poured 3oz (sama macam his EBM intake) into his bottle and warmed it up. He drank like a champ! Gulp gulp gulp! But the tummy didn’t like it as much as he did. After about 10-15 minutes…uweekkkk!!!! He vomited the milk. All of it.

I tried again the next day and still the same. Habis car seat dia kena muntah. Argh! The leceh-ness of cleaning carseat with vomit. I no like!

For sure I know he’s not allergic to cow’s milk (from the porridge intake). If ada, dia dah swollen satu badan, right?

I take it that it’s too early for fresh milk. Tummy dia still adjusting. Most mommies yang kata their kids were okay with fresh milk are the 2 year olds yang memang dah weaned off the boobies and dah makan macam-macam.

So we shall wait. I’ll be trying again soon. When? I’m not sure. Let’s let the mommy instinct decides.



4 thoughts on “Too early for fresh milk, perhaps?

  1. awwww poor z, poor mummy (sebab kena clean up vomit!).. yes dear better listen to your instinct. 😦 slowly does it, kan

    • Haa poor mummy and poor daddy too sebab struggle nak pasang balik the carseat cover lepas basuh dalam washing machine!

      Yup..let his tummy adjust variety types of food dulu. Then we try again.

  2. hmmm.. as for me i take it fresh milk as a side drink je pu3. tak tau la kenapa. tapi i lebih confident kalau anak-anak i minum susu biasa.. tapi lain orang lain persepsi mereka kan.. =)

    • I pun nak buat side drink dulu for now. I was thinking 3oz per bottle per day lebih kurang. Just for him to get use to it and to chubby him up sikit. He is definitely on mommy’s milk still.

      When you say susu biasa, means formula ke? Formula shall be my last resort after 2yo nanti kalau tummy dia still tak boleh tolerate fresh milk.

      We’ll see la how. Too early to say for now.

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