IY’s circumcision – The insurance claim

Here’s the story of my pursue to claim a RM2,800 worth of refund.

In case you missed the boat – IY was circumsized on 5 May 2012 due to UTI (Urinary Tract Infection).

IY, Z and myself are covered under insurance as part of my employee benefits. Alhamdulillah for that. So when Dr Razak decided that IY kena sunat and warded, I dengan confident nya menghulurkan the orange card for IY’s GL for admission. Suddenly the hospital said that my GL was rejected sebab circumcision was not covered. I told her, bukan ke the admission and circum was due to the infection? It’s purely medical reason. I didn’t put my son under the GA for fun ok! But the clinic cakap saya tak tau la puan, dorang tak nak issue GL. So how? I pun malas nak bergaduh dengan clinic. No point. I kena bergaduh dengan insurance. So I said, fine, I will pay first and claim later.

Claim later..hmmm when I thought it was as easy as it sounds.

I was back in the office a couple of days later and sent a nasty email to my insurance rep (cc to my HR). Not too nasty la, I’m not that mean. My rep replied to me instantly and he strongly believed that I have all the right to claim. I just need the paperwork to be done perfectly.

Oh righty..paperwork. Again, as if it’s as easy as it sounds.

Step 1 – Get the right claim form. I ter isi form yang salah. Doinkk mama!

Step 2 – Attach the original bill. Checked!

Step 3 – Obtain medical report from the doctor. During our follow up visit, I mentioned to Dr Razak that I wanted to claim and I need his help to write a report as my supporting document. He was surprised that my GL was rejected in the first place. Then he said he will sign and write whatever was needed. He even mentioned “don’t give up tau, fight for this. No parent would put their kid under GA suka2 je. Kalau dah 7-8 tahun tu tak yah GA ye la tak boleh claim. Ilhan is purely due to medical reason.” Exactly! Glad the doc was on the same page.

Step 4 – Gee went to the Medical Report Dept to request for the report. The hospital charged us RM50. Send form hari Jumaat and on Monday dah boleh collect. Not bad for a Rm50 fee. The fee was claimable too.

The Medical Report Dept located at the Basement

Ni receipt masa nak collect the report – sila lah bayar RM50

Step 5 – Submit claim form, medical report and hospital bill to the insurance agent.

Then I waited.

A week later I receive a call from insurance rep. She wanted to see my original deposit and refund receipt too. Coz the final bill attached earlier was less than the deposit paid. The same day, I gave her the additional docs required.

And I waited some more.

Today I got the cheque. And that is 8-ish  weeks later.

Worth the wait. Janji dapat balik. Puas hati.

Ok dah. Nak cite tu je.


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