Swimming class

We wanted to enrol IY to a swimming class. He’s 4 now dah cukup besar nak learn to swim. Daripada dok berendam je dalam pool pakai floaties and play around everytime we go for the splash time, baik belajar swimming betul2 and learn the right technique. Lagipun swimming is a good exercise. Did you know that swimming is one of the best non-medical way to reduce asthma. Not that IY has asthma (Nauzubillah), but asthma runs in (both) families, so we just want to be safe than sorry.

A quote from here:

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for people with asthma, especially children, as it is less likely to cause asthma symptoms. This is because when you’re swimming, you are breathing in air near the surface of the water that is warmer and more humid (moist) than normal air.   Actual swimming training can increase the volume of the lungs as well as helping to develop good breathing techniques. This type of exercise is excellent for improving muscle tone and general fitness and is also great fun for children.

I was a kid with asthma. I had frequent severe attacks during school days. Selalu je MC. Selalu je teringin nak minum ais. Kalau minum sorok2 pun nanti kantoi gak sebab nanti start batuk. Batuk pun sorok2 tahan tutup bawah bantal takut mama dengar. Hehe!! Then dad enrolled me to swimming classes when I was in Standard 5 (kot..lupa dah). I enjoyed it very much! And alhamdulillah my asthma attacks has reduced tremendoulsy ever since. Until now, I only get occasional asthma attacks which needed minimal medical intervention. Kalau ada pun I just needed to rest and drink warm water and that’s it. Kalau dulu masa kecik2 sampai kena masuk ER tengah2 malam amik neb. Same goes to my second brother. Yang adik2 no 3 and 4 I think their asthmas are not as bad as ours. Alhamdulillah.

Back to the topic, I went to the same place where my siblings and I went for our classes dulu i.e. Kompleks Renang DBKL near our home. Sadly, they only take 6 yo and above. Frust mak! Sebab situ tersangat la murah fees dia. RM50 per month je.

So I google-d to find places where they accept babies and kids. Banyak rupanya! And their fees varies too. From RM250 to RM500 pun ada. Yang one to one pun ada, group pun ada. Babies pun ada (but we are not ready for Z yet lah, afterall he’s not Baby Bella!;)). After calling and emailing around, we found one place yang nampak suitable in terms of the location and fees. Location kat Bukit Antarabangsa and the fees is RM250 for 12 classes. That’s RM83 per month or RM21 per class. See, I have done the calculations for you already. You can keep your sempoa now.

Today we have made an appointment to visit to the pool during their class and meet the instructor. Just to get IY used to the idea dulu. Tak nak la terus register and campak dia masuk pool. Trauma anak bujang tu nanti! If the mommy-vibe says okay and IY is okay..we’ll go for it. Class is once a week je for 45minutes.

Will update more nanti!

Share with me your experience if you send your kids to swimming class gak.



10 thoughts on “Swimming class

  1. Hi Puteri,

    I started swimming class for my daughter last year when she was 5 yo. The arrangement is made by her kindy. So every Thursday the principal will drive them to Pusat Akuatik Shah Alam for their 1-hour session. The session is handled by SuperSharks. Fee is RM90 per moth including transport.

    So far, she is showing a good progress. Dah boleh berenang and recently, they are being introduced to diving. 1meter platform and springboard.

    Kadang2 saje amik cuti nak tengok dia belajar swimming. And seriously swimming is fun kan. I myself rasa mcm nak je sign up nak belajar jugak, but now time constraint kan.

    Anyway, good luck for IY!!

    • Wahh 5yo dah belajar diving! Impressive nye!

      Reading your comment make me feel so excited x sabar tgk IY pandai berenang nanti.
      Dia siap berangan cakap nanti nak race swim dengan mama..LOL!

  2. hakeem masuk swimming class which was arrange by his kindy. So fees included in their semester. I lupa berapa jam for a training tapi yg pasti every wednesday mama kena kemaskan beg swimming dia. nmpk self confidence hakeem much better. dulu hakeem sgtla penakut utk masuk pool. btw, kindy hakeem ada taekwondo juga tetapi anak bujang aku ni sgtla penakut. Mama & papa puas dok pujuk masuk taekwondo ttp FAIL juga. Siap teman hakeem tengok kids on his age practise. Hakeem siap greet and salam master tetapi i do know where goes wrong. Semua teacher pun pelik sbb hakeem yg sgt lasak ni boleh takut masuk taekwondo. Xpelah…nak buat mcm mana… mama & papa dah tak larat nak pujuk.

    If you had chance hantarla IY for taekwondo. Good for their concentration and motor skill balance! Ada juga i dengar my friend hantar anak diorg for golf classes… i tringin nak tahu berapa fees yea? Sebenarnya..i tringin sgt nak pi golf ala2 Giuliana gitu. xpandai tapi ala2 cute!

    • Yup mmg nak send him to one of the martial arts class too tapi most probably next year la kot. My uncle is a taekwando coach and he said boleh start as young as 5yo. So we will wait next year la kot.

      Golf? Errr…maybe not. mak bapak pun tak kaki golf sat lagi dia ajak pi tee off every weekend pening mak!

  3. H taught Gibran to swim the same way he was taught to swim… campak dlm air and say.. “go, swim!”… very highly not recommended. so gibran can swim now but macam budak kampung mandi sungai la… pakai hentam je. lol. he starts swimming lessons after raya insyaAllah, with Advanced Aquatics (you can google them if ever you’re intrested).

    • whoaa! campak saja! as long as under supervision LOL. tapi bagus la Gib tak phobia pulak eh? Kalau IY agaknye tak mo masuk air dah kot.

      We’ve decided the one in Bukit Antarabangsa actually. He’s starting this week. Will blog about it later.

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