Zayyan Umar’s Aqiqah

Remember my weekend yang tersangat la penat itu? Well, here it is. Event separuh masa pertama.

|Saturday, 14 July 2012|

The inlaws hosted a double aqiqah kenduri kesyukuran for the 2 grandsons – Z and Aqib. Alhamdulillah, one kambing down for little Z. One more coming soon, InsyaAllah this AidiAdha for the orphanage. Harap2 murah rezeki boleh la tumbangkan 2 ekor. Amin

We couldn’t get KC to shoot this time as she had another assignment elsewhere. We managed to hire ZaffanZaini, a freelance photog as our official photog for the day. Email me if you want his number. Recommended.

Enjoy the pictures!

We had the jemaah masjid and tahfiz boys for the yassin recital and doa

Bukak penutup air mineral masa bacaan Yassin. Everyone got one bottle of Air Yassin each afterwards

Budak pengantin

Men of the day

The mommies

The daddies

My favourite shot of my favourite boys

Psst! I’m wearing True Blue Bib Necklace from Itsy Missy. Gorgeous! Hand sewn by Mommy Carol herself. Will blog about Itsy Missy soon. Siapa ada baby girls and suka handmade stuff..get ready!



7 thoughts on “Zayyan Umar’s Aqiqah

  1. wow…semua cantik..mommy, sons, daddy (hensen)..your inlaws house pun cantik… the bib sesangat. berangan raya nak pakai bib…dengan my plain kurung..tapi pregnant so kenala cari baju yang lain!

  2. beautiful family pic there! creative of carol to invent such bib,if u to buy a ready made one it is available at lola..bangsar village 2 if x silap..been looking ar it for 2 yrs tp urghh too expensive! carol nya pricing ard what range?

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