Big Brother|Little Brother Birthday Bash

After the aqiqah in the morning, we hosted a double birthday celebration for the boys in the evening. Like I said in the previous entry, it was a real challenge for me to juggle between the kids, the cleaning up from the previous aqiqah and the setting up for the party in just 2 hours! Memang tak cukup masa dan tenaga. By the time the party started, mommy was already sweating buckets! Now I know why party planners make really good business these days! For people like me!

Luckily my SIL Iera was helping out. Lega la sikit. Then my bro came with wifey and they help some more. Pastu Zaffan the photog pun kena tolong jugak gantung balloons (coz he was the tallest there!). Gee pulak was busy angkat2 meja and clearing up the space for the bouncing castle area. I guess everybody were sweating buckets by the time party started.

I was happy that the weather was nice. Kids were enjoying the bubbles and kipas helicopter thingy (which I still can’t figure out the name) in the open garden. Some of them were jumping happily in the bouncing castle. We had it inside the porch coz didn’t want to risk it if it rains. Parents were enjoying the food while watching the kids play.

My boys were behaving so well. Impressive. We didn’t have any cranky moments. Z didn’t cry at all. Redha je kena dukung by anyone. IY pulak pandai bawak diri. Pegi main lari sana sini and ajak the kids guests play. Tang sikat rambut je susah sikit. Grrr! And I loved how the pictures turn out. Great happy moments!

Okayyyy, so that’s about it. My party planning hat is off for now.

Picture time!

The cake table

The cakes

That look on his face..priceless!

Z was attracted to the balloons beside me. It wasn’t easy nak snap a perfect picture

The birthday boys

The kids

The loved the bouncy castle!

We loved it too!


Later I will share my party planning experience. In case you are wondering and planning one for your loved ones.



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