Shopping: Itsy Missy

I guess you’ve seen my bib necklace from the aqiqah entry. Wanna see more?

She is Carol. And she runs Itsy Missy. Another SAHM generating income from home. *envy envy*.

Itsy Missy sells accessories for babies, kids and adults. When she first started, I was in awe tapi tak leh nak amik port sebab….I don’t have a girl!

But when she started her brooches collection…I like! I bought a few of her satin roses brooches. Pictures below credit to Itsy Missy FB page and Carol’s blog.

Satin rose brooches – these are not handmades by IM

Then I bought a whole lot of Rosie Blooms brooches from her. These Rosie Blooms come in baby streachable headband and cekak rambut too.

Rosie Bloom Baby Stretchable Headband

Rasa macam nak beli semua colours

One of my favourites! If only I had a girl.


This is the close up picture of my bib. She handsewn the pearls and the blue chunky beads one by one. Talk  about handmade!

True Blue Bib Necklace

She also made these for me. Sweet eyh?

Lace-y theme

Like her page and I guarantee you’ll like her work. Chop! You’ll LOVE her work!

And another great news..IM is on SALE. Time to stock up your Raya accesories!!



6 thoughts on “Shopping: Itsy Missy

  1. huhu. i pun dont dup dap dup dap sbb tak nmpk gender lagi. If a girl, mama boleh lompat bintang..if a boy mama masih lompat bintang cuma mama & papa kena usaha lagi. Ada last try. i nak 4 je tapi itu semua planning, allah yang tentukan!

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