The party planning process

I nak share on the party planning process. It was such a long process since it’s my first time planning for such big event. In my case this is big lah. Tak pernah organize party besar. Overlapping pulak dengan my brother’s wedding planning. Banyak benda yang tak pandai nak estimate and expect. Plan lain, jadi nya lain. Nevertheless, I’m satisfied.

Ok come..let’s take a tour.

The logo

Copyright Reserved!

The blue and yellow Big Brother Little Brother logos were designed by Lisha from Show The Love. I think I paid less than RM50 for the design. Tak ingat dah last year buat ni. Initially the logo was just for a Tshirt design. I wanted to print for IY and Z last year when Z was born. For fun je masa ni belum plan pun nak ada birthday party. Last2 terus jadi official logo pulak. Since I have the pdf file in high reso, I bawak je pegi printing shop and print stickers, tags and whatnots. I went to the printing shop kat Taman Melawati – Advanco. Sapa2 dok area Melawati sure familiar kot.

The Tshirts

IY’s T turned out green’s supposed to be blue. Dunno la why. The printing guys tried so many inks tapi still keluar colour hijau Petronas jugak

I printed the Tshirts kat Azmie Tshirt in Wangsa Melawati. Found out about this place from ShilaShower’s blog. It’s RM15 per Tshirt. I bought the white T’s from Mothercare masa sale aritu. They use the heat press method. Tak rosak pun lepas masuk washing machine and dryer. For RM15, not bad!

Remember the Batman logo I printed on Z’s tshirt for Aqib’s party? Haa I buat kat sini jugak. I cakap je nak logo Batman, they googled and print terus atas his T. Oh, mama & ayah pun print logo atas Tshirt jugak! But ours were on black T’s.

The birthday cakes

Still from my dear friend Sue. Sebab dah memang tahu cake dia sedap. I did my own cake stand. It’s just an empty box dibalut wrapper polka dots.

Jerry cake is for Z

Tom cake is for IY

You may wonder why Tom & Jerry? Ini request from the Big Brother IY. It’s either that or Oggy and The Cockroaches. Oh I am not going to serve “lipas” to my guests! Haha! Tikus and Kucing takpe pulak eh? Well, Jerry is cute. He’s an exception. Joey, Dee Dee and Marky aren’t!

Brown bag for the party packs

Beli kat sini. I wrote about it here. Memang berguna lunch bag ni. Apart from the party packs, I put extra bags on the table for the guests to tapau anything home. I had 2 buffet tables setup. One was the dessert and the other was the goody treats. Thanks to Iera (A2PPL) for her help. She did most of the table setting up. By the way, I also rented the Happy Birthday garland and some of the party stuff from A2PPL. Checkout their website to see what’s in store for you!

IY  helped me a lot to pack the party bags. And he’s so proud of it. “Abang yang tolong mama buat party bags ni!”. At night when Z’s asleep, both of us will start packing sikit2 sampai siap. Dekat 2 minggu jugak la buat benda ni.  Haha..2 minggu lama gile! Sebab sebenarnya mama kena repair balik apa yang IY pack! Takpe lah, asalkan dia bahagia. I wanted him to experience his own party. Not just the party day, but the party prep as well.

Bought the pegs from DIY Shop kat Jusco AEON. Isi dalam lunch bags beli kat Joe Meng Taman Melawati. Ada M&M’s, Chupa Chups and Eclairs candies inside

The PLEASE TAKE ONE table buffet. I didn’t put the toys inside the lunch bag sebab I wanted to kids to play the stuff during the party. It worked! They loved the bubbles and the helicopter pusing2 tu


I ordered this rubberstamp from Dear Azalea. I wanted something everlasting yang boleh guna over and over. This stamp just has their names on it. Tahun depan leh recycle pakai lagi!

Stamped belakang lunch bag

Balloon arch and bouquets

What’s a party without balloons, right? We had an arch balloons at the entrance by Jungle Playland. Also ada balloons bouquets side by side the cake table (yang Z sibuk nak main tuuu).

We had to shift the arch masuk khemah coz the wind was blowing kuat jugak

Castle bouncer

I didn’t plan any games nor pinata for this party so I figured this castle would be a great replacement as kids’ entertainment. It sure was! Thanks to Razzle Dazzle Party Box.

The bouncer looks big in the pictures. Actual takde la besar sangat


Custom made by blogger friend, Ira. IY’s garland memang dah ada since his 2nd birthday. Z punya baru this year. So for the years to come, kita recycle saja!

I guess that’s about it. More or less the info on where I bought and ordered stuff for the party. In case I missed anything out, drop your comments ya!



2 thoughts on “The party planning process

  1. Congrats dear! Proud of you! …”Dear Azalea” tu i found her on FB memang best kan? I think I can sum up you memang suka crafty DIY project la from all the links given in here and ur previous entry 🙂 You should explore one niche since U loved em sooo much….like DIY Kids & Mommies project huh??

    Party planning is not easy….the anticipation, the adrenaline rush…the stress part semua ada..but when you watch your guests happy and having fun tu cukup dah boleh buat kita rasa puas hati kan?

    Loved Su’s choco cake so much!

    Gud Job!

    • Thank you!!

      I suka customized/handmade stuff tapi i tak pandai nak buat sendiri. I ni takde seni. Tangan keras. That’s why I suka outsource to people yang pandai buat.

      Ahaa adrenaline rush..betul…tu yang berpeluh sakan tuuu..

      Sue’s choc cake mmg sedap..if not mistaken dia pakai Belgian choc.

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