IY’s Treetop concert

IY had his school concert last week. Yup! Concert di bulan Ramadhan (don’t ask why, I also dunno!). Maybe sebab Muslims are the minorities in the school. Mostly are anak2 expatriates kat situ.

Anyway, IY’s class performed an Egyptian dance routine. I soooo did not want to miss my son’s first concert. He’s been practising at school (and home) dengan begitu gigih sekali!

The theme of the concert was Children Around The World, so each class performed a dance to represent one country. I thought the Hindustan dance was cool! Siap guna lagu Jai Ho lagi (from the Slumdog Millionaire movie).

During the start of the concert, the principal was telling us that the kids practiced very hard at school and we as parents should appreciate that. Of course we expect good end result on stage tapi that is not important. For kids, the process is more important than the end results. She told us to be prepared that there will be kids yang berdiri tegak je when the music starts or even cry when they see their parents in the audience. It’s okay.

And memang betul pun…siap ada yang berlari atas stage cikgu kena kejar. Hehehehe….all the kids lined up atas stage and waited for their turn to perform. So memang boleh nampak semua benda yang jadi kat atas tu. Teachers were on stage too controlling the kids. Tabik sungguh cikgu-cikgu tadika ni. They have a level of patience yang sangat tinggi. Me a mommy pun belum tentu lagi. LOL!

Memang berterabur la semua menari tu but it was so fun to see that! I don’t think we even wanted to see a perfect performance pun. Bila ada salah2 steps ke, nangis2 ke..tu yang lagi more interesting nak tengok.

Little Z had fun too! Seperti biasa dia akan menahan mata although it was past his morning naptime. He was smiling and goyang2 badan bila dia dengar lagu2 yang biasa IY nyanyi at home.  Burung Kakaktua, Ananaley Vaa Vaa, etc. We recorded IY’s performance tapi asyik goyang2 sebab kena struggle berebut space dengan parents lain kat depan tu. So we are waiting for the official CD from the school later. IY was happy to see us from up the stage. I could see he was beaming!

Kudos to the school yang sangat punctual. They started 10am sharp and ends at 11.30am. We went home straight after that sebab tak perlu makan the refreshments served outside.

Let’s see the pictures shall we?

In his Egyptian costume..kasut je lari tajuk sikit. And sebenarnya baju tu terbalik. Haha! The buttons supposed to be at the back!

The reception – we dropped IY off to his teacher to get ready

Inside the hall

That’s IY class on stage. IY kat belakang sekali tak nampak dia

Comel budak2 ni menari Hawaiian dance

He saw Gee in the crowd and sempat wave to the camera

Adik sabar menunggu kemunculan abang on stage

And there he is! Dancing to the tunes. Impressive dia ingat steps and tak froze on stage. Dia dok follow cikgu kat depan and his friends kat sebelah

After the concert


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