IY’s swimming class

IY started his swimming class in Bukit Antarabangsa last weekend. He was so excited nak pegi swimming class. Counting the days je hari-hari.

Masa first day tu, we went straight to the pool and the swimming instructor took him from there. I left him for a sec to pay the fees at the receptionist and when I came back, guess what? He was crying!!! Alahai anak mama. But I didn’t give in. Tak de pegi dekat dia to pujuk or what. I just ignored him and pull a chair sat by the pool. He stopped crying when he saw me and asked me to sit closer. Layan je lah. Asalkan dia bahagia.

Being 4, IY has a very short span of attention. I could see mata dia melilau tengok sana tengok sini. Sekali sekali dia dok kalih pusing to check me out making sure I was still there waiting for him. Tabik to the instructor yang sabar handle dia. There were 2 more kids in his class under the same teacher. On the other side ada lagi 2 more teachers lagi handling 3-4 more students each.

For the first class, IY was taught just to walk in the water to get familiar. Air cetek je takat dada dia. Pastu belajar breathing buat bubbles with his nose. Kelakar tengok tang ni coz he didn’t know how to do it. I think dia tak paham instructions. Teacher cakap hembus dengan hidung but dia pi sedut. Haa amik..tersedak kejap. Until one point I had to interfere tolong explain “kalau abang blow nose bila hingus keluar, kan mama wipe with tissue..haa abang buat macam tu”. Baru dia paham. Tapi masih belum berjaya buat dalam air sebab dia fobia tersedak tu. Teacher kata takpe, it’s only his first day.

By the end of the first class, he was smiling ear to ear. Seronok nampak. I’m glad the drama air mata sekejap je. Looking forward to more classes to come.

Class in session

He saw me trying to take a picture of him. Sempat lagi dia pose tu. LOL!

He got distracted and came to me wanted to chit chat..cikgu dia kat belakang tu “boy boy come here boy”



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