Breastfeeding: Ramadhan far

Alhamdulillah..we’re almost half way through Ramadhan.

This year, my breastfeeding journey is more calm and relaxing than last. Happy sangat. Currently, Z drinks only 2.5oz per bottle at daycare (he’s a reverse cycler – prefers the direct feed than the bottle). Total 3 bottles per day. Bulan puasa work ends at 4.30. If I’m lucky, dia tak sempat minum pun the 3rd bottle terus boleh kasi direct. Save 1 bottle carry forward esok hari.

My pumping schedule pun tak terganggu. Output tetap sama despite me fasting. And this year, I learned from my previous year experience to take it slow. Lepas pumping, I will just sit and take a breather. Kalau dulu lepas pump terus rasa lightheaded bila terus bangun berdiri. Dah terbiasa minum air after bila puasa agak melayang sikit badan ni.

I pump twice a day at 11 and 4 at work. I will get 8-10oz in total usually (that’s about 4 bottles of 2.5oz). 3 bottles will be for tomorrow’s bekal and 1 bottle up in the freezer. Happy sangat sebab boleh freezekan sikit. Rezeki Ramadhan agaknya, siap ada extra boleh stock up.

Wow, it still feels surreal that I’m still breastfeeding and pumping religiously at 13m. Thank you Ya Allah.



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