Z is walking

Z is finally walking. At 13 months. We have been waiting for him to walk since he was 10 months old (coz that’s when IY started walking). I know, kita tak boleh compare. 2 anak tak akan sama. Tapi still, you can’t help it kan? Lagi2 when Aqib started walking before he turned 1.

He has been cruising for months. Bertaktih bukan main laju lagi. Tapi bila lepaskan tangan, terus je dia buat lembik kaki and back to crawling. But there was one time I caught him walking to his toys when he was playing alone. Ahaa! Gotcha! My FB status read “Z is finally walking. But only when nobody is watching”. Opah kata dia juai mahai. Hik Hik Hik!

He’s still wobbly though. But it’s a start. A start to sesi kejar mengejar soon. *lap peluh*.

On his two feet

Good job Adik!



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