IY’s version of OhMyEnglish!

IY’s English has improved tremendously ever since he started kindy. He’s speaking mainly English at home with us. Tapi sometimes we couldn’t understand him. LOL! Berterabur!

If he asks something in English and I reply in Malay, he would even say “Mom, can you please speak English?”. Yes, he calls me mom bila jadi orang putih.

I just need to jot this down for memory sake. Later bila baca balik entry ni I will remember this phase. His phase of speaking English ke laut!

1. He uses the word NEED a lot to replace WANT. E.g: Mom, I NEED milk please or Dad, can I help you? I NEED to help you. Adik, you NEED to play? Sounds kelakar kan? The phrase turned out to be urgent somehow.

2. He is confused on when to use the word SPEAK, SAID, TALK, TOLD and TELL. So dia belasah je. E.g: Mom, I need milk. I talk to you I want milk.

3. Instead of YES, he says YEAH (with an accent *mama roll eyes*). And I think this is influenced by his mat salleh friends at school.

4. Among his ayat2 berterabur.. ada yang sometimes buat mama pull hair nak figure out what he’s saying:

  • I don’t want to like that now!
  • Can you please get for me the milk
  • Mom, why you go more?
  • I want to the aircond (he says “TO THE” a lot in is his sentences)
  • This is a adik (semua pun kena letak A kat depan)
  • Ayah want to be pray
  • I know what gedeger now! (Until today, we have no idea what GEDEGER means!) – ni yang pulls hair ni!

Nevertheless, he’s improving. Banyak influence from the Cartoon Network too. Especially from Phineas and Ferb. He even calls Z “My Perry”. Celah mana si adik tu sama dengan Perry pun mama tak tau la.



6 thoughts on “IY’s version of OhMyEnglish!

  1. gedegar = got to go? i’ve heard someting similar from one of anak Jae yg sulung (Akil kan nama dia), masa time Jae bawa dtg ofis (was long time ago). bila ber accent tu yg tak tahan kan. so comel je.

    Qirah lak suka2 hati tukar nama panggilan kitaorg.. sekejap mom, pastu mommy, ma pun ada, jap2 daddy.. entah apa2 and yes she speak fast in english. of course la i tak faham kan hehehe. mama kena masuk kelas bahasa

    • Haaa mungkin la jugak GTG..Haha!!

      Qirah ber accent Bri-ish tak? U must record dia cakap accent tu nanti dah balik Msia hilang semua slang tu.

      I was MAK at one time. Budak2 ni suka tuka2 ikut selera dia nak panggil apa.

  2. Hahaha…comeyy je…teringat zaman aqeel myrah dulu. sekarang qaisarah pulak, memang pun diorg panggil ‘mom’ bila jadi orang putih….

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