IY’s summer school

IY dah start cuti! Term 2 ends today. Term 3 starts 3 September lepas Raya nanti.

His kindy ada buat extra summer school during the holidays and we enrolled him for that after looking at the scheduled activities. Sangat fun!

He will be watching movies, doing arts and crafts, baking and cooking, telematch, treasure hunts, theatre and story telling and there will a trip to the LadyBird Organic Farm in Semenyih. Ms Sara said it’s somewhere near Broga Hill.

Wait! Hang on. Rewind please. Did she just say Semenyih? Did I just hear Broga Hill?

Terdiam kejap. Mama and Ayah are freaking out a little bit here. Call us paranoid parents. Yes we are. Should we let him go? He’s only 4. Tak pernah lagi lepaskan dia jauh2 macam ni. Wargh! Macam nak lepaskan dia pegi mana je..padahal 3 jam je from 9-12 pegi trip tu. LOL!

But I’m sure he’ll be fine, kan? He has his teachers and his friends with him. He will have lots of fun and learn a lot from the trip nanti. Dah boleh imagine dia menceceh cerita dari A to Z bila balik from school.

Yeah, he’ll be fine. He’s a big boy. He’s already 4.

But still! In my eyes, he’s my 4-year old baby. Boleh ke ni?


4 thoughts on “IY’s summer school

  1. oh babe..i pernah experienced feeling yg paranoid tu. mama la yg ketara. papa love to see his gugurl more adventurous. mama org safety of.course byk dont dr do..hehehe..now dh okay. u pun dun worried so much. let him.have fun w his frends. im sure the teachers mesti fully take care punya. and mostly will be divided into.groups. zara her first trip.kt putrajaya..second agak jauh at kidzania. i siap.amik plate no bus tu..hehehe

    • thanks! glad to know I’m not the only paranoid parent here.
      in my case, Ayah pun paranoid sama.

      I mcm nak ikut je bus tu dari belakang sampai ke semenyih, boleh? LOL.

  2. hahaha u sound exactly like me when gibran went on his first school excursion back when he was 4+. but insyaAlllah, everything’ll be fine, hun. all we can do is give them a thorough (VERY thorough, hahaha!) briefing and the rest is tawakkaltua’lallah. i remembered making lots of doas. đŸ˜‰ their first trip jauh jugak, to ostrich farm kat semenyih jugak tak silap i.

    • yes, thorough briefing is a must! I might even write things down and slip it in his bag all our contact details.

      I dok risau kalau dia nak pee pee..that’s a long journey. hahaha!!

      doa is the best thing to do. tawakal je lah. Yeah, he’ll be fine insyaAllah.

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