IY’s school trip

Guess what these paranoid parents did?

We followed the bus!!

Mula2 I just told my boss that I will be A LITTLE late. The plan was just to send him off. Nak tengok dia naik bus je. Then I said to Gee, eh rasa macam nak ikut lah. Pulak tu Little Z tengah sedap tidur (in his car seat). I figured..ok la boleh lah! Texted my boss cakap nak 1/2 day pulak. Luckily dah hujung2 nak cuti raya ni kerja urgent takde sangat.

Gee drove behind the bus from KL to Semenyih. Masa kat toll, Ms Sara saw us and waved. Bila dah sampai, we parked a little bit far and just observed. Bila the kids dah masuk the farm, we drove to the nearby pekan. Nampak pasar pagi and just jalan2 sana. Sempat la beli baju sehelai dua for the boys kat pasar tu.

Lepas sejam dua, we went back to the farm and waited for the kids to depart balik. Ikut bus balik ke school and bawak dia balik. Each kid bawak balik pokok kecik satu untuk tanam kat rumah and a plastic of fresh organic vege.

As expected, sangat berseri2 muka dia dengan celoteh yang tak sudah. “Mom, tadi teacher pegang snake!! Tapi snake tu kecik je lah”..then it was “Mom, I saw ladybirds in many colours..3 colours..banyakkkk”. “Mom this, mom that, mom tadi kan”.. He went on and on and on.

So begitulah ceritanya. It was a new experience for us as parents. Lepas ni kalau ada trips lagi, I might be more relaxed and boleh let go. Ehh, ye ke? :p

Dah sampai – Ladybird Organic Farm

Jalan2 kat pasar pagi



8 thoughts on “IY’s school trip

  1. omg! hheheheheheheh ok i know i know the paranoia is overwhelming but i cant help it it’s hillarious! heheheeee… but hey who can blame u, we all go through this ;D

  2. lawak sgt baca entry yg satu ni. mcm stalker jer.. hehehe.. nnt dh besar leh citer kat anak cucu dia.”mama atok dulu kan.. ikut atok p field trip” hahahaha

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