Raya 2012

We’re back.

I have so much to tell, I don’t even know where to start. I guess this will be another Raya I won’t forget. The last minute change of plans, the IY little mishap at the hotel and to top it off we had an accident. *sigh*. No worries, we are okay. But obviously the car is not.

Kita cerita yang happy2 dulu ye.

The original plan was to go back on 2nd Raya. But my dad suddenly decided nak balik awal sikit on the first day after solat. We were okay with that but of course I had to repack. An extra day worth of stuff is a lot for someone who doesn’t know how to pack light.

Then yada yada yada the usual Raya thingy. From one state to another, from one hotel to another. Phew! Roadtrip sakan!

Moving on to the pictures ya!

First Raya – singgah rumah MIL before heading north. Raya tahun ni takde baju baru. Kita recycle saja baju from the bro’s wedding. I forgot to bring our camera. Pakai phone je..hence the blurry effect. Ishh…kalau ada DSLR kan best. Eh tuka topic?

Sleeping soundly. Z was his usual self cranky duduk dalam seat tapi bila time tido dia nyenyak je dalam tu. I only climbed to the back to BF him. Mama dah muat dok kat tengah. *lompat bintang*. Eh tuka topic lagi?

Dia suka peluk kuat2 adik dia cekik cam tu tau. Grrr!

Songkok yang bertahan di atas kepala adik selama 10 saat sahaja. Songkok atas kepala abang? No hal..sampai esok pun boleh lekat lagi.

Family – the in-laws side. Zayyan mana? He was busy roaming.

Tengok tu dia peluk adik kuat2 lagi. Stress muka adik!

YouTube kasi dia senyap (tapi sekejap je lah). Guess what’s playing? Najwa Latif & Sleeq – Untuk Dia. Ahaa…dia suka nyampuk heyy heyy masa the chorus part ♫ Untuk dia..♫ Heyy, ♫ Untuk dia.. ♫ Heyy

Ni satu perangai dia…bila dia cranky, dia baring guling2 atas lantai. Tak kira la lantai mana pun. This was him being cranky on the lantai of the hotel lobby. Ish ish ish anak mama ni!

My baby boy with my baby sister..teman bergaduh tapi mesra

To be continued.



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