Raya 2012 – The accident

We checked out from the hotel in Alor Star on 5th Raya around 10ish am. I was nervous about the traffic. Risau jam teruk. With the 2 boys lagi la kan sure depa resah gelisah kalau bumper to bumper. We made plans to singgah Ipoh and go to The Lost World of Tambun. Ingat  nak stay one night and let the kids have fun there.

Lokasi kejadian

When we arrived at Tikam Batu area around 11.30am, there was a slight congestion. Brake, jalan, brake, jalan. The boys were fast asleep by then so ok la kan. It was a 2-lane road. We were on the fast lane. Suddenly, we heard a screeching sound from the left. I took a peek from the side mirror and saw a Kelisa coming from the left yang sangat laju (dalam jam tu pun laju gak). The next thing we knew… BANG!!! The front of the Kelisa hit the left side of our Jazz. Then it spinned and stopped in front of us. The impact from the Kelisa caused us to hit the divider on the right pulak. Double wreck!

I was stunned. Menggigil la sikit. The first thing I did was turned back and checked the kids. They were still asleep. Phew! Syukur they were alright and still sleeping (in their car seat). Tak nak dorang nampak and ingat the accident. It could’ve been a trauma for them. Hubby kept asking if I was ok. I was. No injuries.

We (Jazz & Kelisa) drove to the emergency lane and started negotiating. The driver baru 18. Masih P lagi. Hubby and him checked on each others’ car and decided to go to the nearest police station. I called the PLUSLine asking for direction. Bertam was the nearest. Driving a wrecked car with funny sounds coming from the tyres adalah sangat mendebarkan okey! But we were grateful that the car was still moving. Kalau nak kena tow segala, lagi lah haru!

The damage

Sampai kat balai polis Bertam, they asked us to go to Sungai Petani to do the report. Sebab kawasan kejadian was in the jurisdiction of polis Sungai Petani. Agak tensi di situ tapi layan je lah. Drove for another 1/2 hour to Sungai Petani. Luckily the Kelisa guy was an honest guy. Ikut je kereta kitaorang. I was being skeptical at first takut dia lari. Hubby dah amik phone number dia siap2. I took picture of his car and jotted down the plat number. I also secretly took his picture dari tepi.

Kisah di balai polis pulak.

Adoiiii sangat la lama! We were there for 4-5 hours! Gee dengan budak tu kat dalam balai. Me and the kids dalam kereta. Nasib baik la ada roti, toys, colouring book and of course my Iphone sebagai penyelamat. Sampai battery kong! Gee said the Kelisa was hit by a Wira that came out of nowhere kat emergency lane. The Kelisa tak sempat brake hence the spinning and banging onto us. Kat balai polis baru keluar semua cerita. Tadi budak tu tak cakap apa2 pulak. Dia cuak kot.

Argh! Selfish people with the emergency-lane-is-for-cutting-line attitude!

Gee broadcasted our situation kat geng2 kereta dia via Whatsapp and one of his friends was actually from Sungai Petani. His friend came to the station. Bila dah settle report segala, he took us to the workshop and they inspected the car. Gee wanted to make sure the car is drive-able to KL. Dented kemek tu takpe. Yang penting boleh reach KL safely. While waiting for the car to be fixed, Gee’s friend took us for a meal. Pastu singgah pulak rumah parents dia tunggu sana. Terus beraya la sekali. Tapi dah lemau dah kitaorang masa tu. By then, it was already 7pm.

See that thing yang patah in the circle? That’s the one yang kena repair tu. Have to replace that one to be able to drive safe to KL. I have no idea what that is. But it’s located kat tayar depan kiri (the part where the Kelisa langgar). Gee took this picture masa workshop took out the tyre and buat inspection

Lepas kereta siap, we drove to Juru, Penang and spent the night there. My in-laws belum balik KL lagi still in Penang so we joined them je lah.

Long day it was. But I’m grateful nevertheless. Grateful that it was just a Kelisa that hit us. Grateful that both kids were sleeping and tightly buckled in their car seats. I couldn’t imagine if I was nursing Z at that time or if it was a bigger vehicle that hit us. Nauzubillah min zalik!!

Syukur semua selamat. Alhamdulillah.



10 thoughts on “Raya 2012 – The accident

  1. syukur semuanya selamat…memang kalau accident nie semua perasaan ada.i pun 2days b4 raya waktu nak balik kerja hampir2 dilanggar 4 by 4…1/2inci jer nak kena bahu…nasib dia brek…kalau tak entah ler…hanya Tuhan jer tahu mcm mana perasaan ketika itu.Itu semua sebab sikap pemandu yg suka bawa laju…tak prihatin kita yg ader family nie…

    • betul. hubby pun cakap benda yang sama. masa drive gi polis station dia dok geleng2 kepala cakap “See, kita drive ok pun kena jugak. sebab kecuaian org lain”

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