Benjol 101

I just read Mommy Bella’s latest post about Bella jatuh benjol di dahi.

A reminder for me and other mommies too – kalau anak jatuh naik benjol terus letak ice cubes. Use cold compression on the benjol. Must do it immediately.

This info is so useful for me. Almaklumlah – 2 boys!

I selalu confuse either nak hot compress or cold compress kalau the boys jatuh or whatnot. Usually, sapu Zam-Buk je. Zam-Buk adalah wajib ada di rumah. Sejak zaman berzaman Zam-Buk tu dok pakai in my family.

Turun temurun ointment in my family

Oh btw, aritu Z jatuh tangga. Dia jarang main kat tangga rumah ni. He’s drawn towards the stairs only when the big brother is playing there. Copycat sungguh! Dia jatuh terlentang 2 steps – sliding down kind of jatuh (bukan gedebuk kind of jatuh). Tapi still melalak la jugak sekejap. Being Z, sekejap je nangis. He cried more of terkejut than sakit I think. First thing I did was check his head for any benjol or luka. Then monitored him further if dia muntah or seizure. Alhamdulillah none of that happened.

2 boys. *sigh*



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