The trial session at GA

The Goal Academy

Seronok sangat! IY had so much fun. The training session started at 9am. We arrived at 8.50ish and went to see the coach. “Oh Yusuf..okay he should be in court 4”. Wahh first time orang panggil IY by his middle name. Btw, the venue is at Allrounder Indoor Soccer kat PJ. Sebelah je dengan Pureen Warehouse. We were familar with that place sebab pegi Pureen Warehouse Sale dulu. Jalan pun clear tak jam sebab still awal pagi.

I didn’t get the coach’s name lagi..he’s a mat salleh btw. All the kids pun mixed Cina India Melayu. Mat Salleh pun ada. I love seeing how the parents lepak ramai2 tepi court tunggu anak2. Supportive parents! Mama pun dah buat kawan baru dah..hehe!

IY blended in the group pretty well. Very confident. Dia yang maju ke depan dulu when the coach asked to buat circle nak start warm up. And I like how the training was being conducted. Very kid-friendly. For example masa warm up session tu coach asked them to “run like a Superman..crawl like a Spiderman”..then jadi Incredible Hulk buat apa ntah. It was a fun session indeed. Berlari tendang bola je keje IY. He really blew off the steam! One hour went by real fast. The last 15 minutes ada ala2 match between the kids. Berterabur semua lari kejar bola. Sekejap2 IY jadi keeper..sekejap2 dia pi ikut tendang bola sama. Mak confuse!

After the session, the coach gave us the registration form. We decided to enrol him in looking at how much he loved it. He just couldn’t stop talking how fun it was. Setiap kali dia tengok pictures in my phone, tak habis2 “Mom, that’s my coach. And my friends at my sekolah bola.”

Before warming up. Spot IY!

Spiderman crawl

Training in session

Parents dok kat tepi2 tu

Nampaknya from now on our Saturday is packed with IY’s activities – the footie and swim classes. Less mall strolling. Which is good :=) kan?



6 thoughts on “The trial session at GA

  1. bestnya IY…haaa baguih ni anak chance nak train anak jadi state/national footballer…bak impian ayah dia.
    haha…i like that “less mall strolling”, Jom bawak the kids naik kuda, wawa asyik nak ajak IY naik kuda like she did last time gan luq and elli.

  2. Yay for IY 🙂 yes less mall-strolling is alwayssss good. we stopped mall-strolling when a few yrs ago and made sure gibran gets alot of outdoor time and activities because he’s really active mcm IY. running around is an awesome alternative.

    • My mind selalu now cari idea where to take the kids. Places yang bukan mall.
      Mall strolling masa baby kecik ok lah..tido je dlm stroller. Now, hmmphh stroller pun entah ke mana.

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