Z’s supplement

I know I said I’m okay with Z’s weight in my previous entry. But that doesn’t mean I have stopped trying to chubby him up. Dr Sharmila suggested Appeton Multivitamin with Lysine to help boost his appetite. Z ni small but frequent eater. He doesn’t take big meal in one go. So memang nampak dia ni senantiasa mengunyah. I will never force him to eat if he says “I’m done mom”. Well, he doesn’t say lah kan but usually dia akan geleng, tolak my hand or even spit it out. Muntah pun pernah kalau dia overeat.

Also I’m giving him Scotts Emulsion (Orange flavour) to strengthen his immune system. Sebab dia duduk daycare kan, he is very much exposed to germs and infection. Which is somewhat good in a way sebab his body will learn to fight and resist.

Z suka ke? Of course not! Bersilat setiap kali nak kasi. Kasi guna syringe macam makan ubat sebab bila letak kat sudu dia tepis habis splattt berkecah rumah. Tapi ikut mood dia jugak la. Sometimes dia redha je walaupun muka berkerut.

Alahai adik.


2 thoughts on “Z’s supplement

  1. hah redha and pasrah kan two different things. lol!

    i pun still tak give up menggemukkan ilan. half-redha and half-pasrah, i think. kekekekeeke.. ohhh by the way, scotts tu u bagi how much? i nak start bagi jugak lah.

    • Haa yes redha pasrah..I forgot which is which already. I pun 50-50 on those 2.

      I bagi 3ml je. Paed prescribed 5ml but the syringe utk 5ml tu besar sangat la. Terseksa jiwa raga nak abiskan.

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