The new school

IY will be going to a new school starting January 2013. Raudhah Adni it is.

As much as we super love Treetop, I need to be realistic. Treetop was so much fun. Everything they do there is all about fun. They want the kids to learn while they are playing. Very American/European style of learning. But those anak expatriates are not going to a Sek Keb in the future so fun is fine for them. But for IY, one year of fun learning cukup la ye sayang? No homework, no exams. I believe he has got a great introductory of what school is. I want him to have a long lasting impression that school is cool (chewah rhyme!).

I bet the kids from Qdees, Smart Readers, Krista and such dah boleh baca suratkhabar dah kot. I bet the can do simple math too. My IY is still singing ABC. Singing je. My IY is still guessing the letter H and K. Main hentam saja.

No, I’m not worried nor am I comparing him with his peers from the “ivy league” kindies. I have always wanted him to go at his own pace. But at  the end of the day, I don’t want him to be left out when he enters Standard 1 in 2015. I don’t want him to go to Kelas Pemulihan just because he can’t read. Ishh seriau la tengok budak sekarang nak masuk darjah 1 pun kena test segala. Kesian.

Anyway, we chose Adni coz it’s an Islamic kindy. Also, it’s an English medium school so there’s a plus point there. Boleh la dia continue cakap English berabuk dia tu. LOL! The school has a huge compound which ticks my criteria. All in all, we have high hopes for this school. Harap2 IY will love Adni as much.

So there you to-do which I can cross off my mommy list now. Moving on!



4 thoughts on “The new school

  1. pu3, adilah also sent maryam there and now she’s in std 1 at the adni primary school. adilah only had good things to say about the school so i guess IY is in good hands! 🙂 pity the school’s a bit too far from our home

    • Hi dear. Yeah I know. I saw her FB pix. Also I recognised Maryam masa I visited the school dulu. Ramai yang say good things about Adni too. Syukur. Btw, Rafidah is a teacher there. Lagi la I suka.
      The school is not near from us neither. Tapi korban sikit la time nak anta amik for him. Takpe lah.

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