Breastfeeding: 15 months

How’s my journey so far?

  • 15 months and I’m still leaking. Syukur. Murah betul rezeki Z.
  • Pump once a day kat office – dapat 3.5-4oz each side. Total 7-8oz.
  • Frozen stock- 1 bottle je in the freezer. Kalau dulu I dah meroyan dah, but now I’m more relaxed. Sebab tu susu I banyak lagi kot. Sebab tak nak stress dah.
  • Sejak consume Appeton, Z drinks EBM a lot more. Used to drink only 2.5oz je each bottle but now dah up to 3-3.5oz. Babysitter cakap habis je minum. If not dulu bercinta nak habiskan sebotol. They had to pour sikit demi sedikit panaskan takut bazir tak habis.
  • Pediasure minum 4oz kat taska. Sometimes more. Dia nak lagi.
  • I don’t pump at home or on weekends now. Z drinks directly from me like a champ. Pantang di-offer. Dah macam baby dalam confinement pulak – selang sejam dua.
  • When he’s with me, he doesn’t want Pediasure, so I ganti dengan chocolate milk Goodday tu. Minum dengan straw.
  • He rarely bites (on purpose). Thank God! But somehow gigi tu gesel jugak with my skin and sometimes it hurts. When it hurts, I let go (with my pinky finger) and reposition. Marah sungguh putera sorang ni if that happens.
  • I’m a pro now when it comes to feeding in public (with no nursing cover). Bangga sikit! :=). But credit to Z sebenarnya. Sebab dia tak selak2 tolak2 baju and dia tak kisah baju /tudung tutup muka dia sikit masa menyusu.

That’s all for now. 9  more months to go. I can do this!



2 thoughts on “Breastfeeding: 15 months

  1. thats the spirit! way to go! ;D

    toksah stress stress.. i think ure doing awesome. we just do the best we can lah kan for our petite princes. haha

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