Kota Kinabalu 2012: Day 1

The departure

We started the day early. Wayyy too early. Our flight was at 825am so we had the taxi to pick us up at 530am. I was up since 4! Waking up IY was easy because he has been briefed over and over about our beach holiday. If only it was this easy to wake him up for school everyday. Haihh!

I was nervous coz it’s Z’s first plane ride. But he behaved so well through out the journey. He slept mostly the whole time when I bf him so that was a huge a relief.  There was a point he was already restless masa lagi 1/2 hour nak sampai. What I did? Took him for an isle walk. Jalan ke depan ke belakang 2-3 round. IY on the other hand was being like himself la. The usual him – loud and hyper and tak reti duduk diam. Tak tido pun dalam plane. He was all excited about the plane ride. Although ada TV but he was not so interested. Maybe sebab tak de headphone kot. He kept asking kenapa takde suara Phineas and Ferb ni? Headphone just for international flight only. Nasib baik la 2 jam je.

We just landed. Ini adalah IY yang tengah kemaruk dengan Ninja Warriors. Dia siap cakap “I’m at stage 2 mom”. Thanks Disney XD! *Haihh!*

Spot IY!

We kept drilling him on emergency situation like if he got lost and couldn’t find us. Just stop and shout and shout “Mama! Ayah! Mama! Ayah! Abang kat sini!!!”.  Also to look for the polic/security with the unifom. At KK we kept asking him “kita duduk hotel mana? kalau abang tak jumpa mama abang kena buat apa? Nama mama apa? Nama ayah apa?”. I think at one point maybe he got bored with this little “game”. Macam main pop kuiz gitu.

The arrival

We arrived KK 11am and went straight to the car rental company. Rented 2 biji Hyundai Matrix and drove to the hotel. Oh by the way, our luggage got stuck in KL (it was on the next flight to KK). Bags my family lain ok je. Dunno la what happened. I decided not to freak out (which probably I would on normal circumstances!) coz this was a holiday. I promise myself not to stress myself out. Coz this was a holiday. On a holiday kita tak boleh stress kan? Kan? Anyway, MAS crew was super efficient. The next flight touchdown KK at 3pm and they send it straight to the hotel. Hotel pulak send it straight to our room. Thanks!!

At the immigration, we just need to show our IC and will be given  a slip. Keep this slip and masa balik nanti kasi balik kat immigration. But if bawak passport, they will stamp on it lagi senang dan cepat. Next time bawak passport je lah. Next time? Eh?

While waiting for other bags yang selamat sampai ke destinasi

The hotel

We stayed at Shangri-La Tanjung Aru. Got a super deal 50% off the normal rates. Best gile! Even Agoda couldn’t beat that! Nasib baik hati ni tergerak nak call hotel and ask if they had any promo going on. The hotel was great! Sangat cantik! Ada mini waterpark with slides, spa, private beach and kids zone. Kids zone tu macam playroom but they have activities for kids. Ada babysitters sekali if parents wanted to leave their kids there. Kat area pool/beach ada service to braid your hair and foot reflexology. The slides can be enjoyed by the adults too. Interesting!

We had lunch kat hotel while waiting for our room. Sempat la jalan2 kejap checkout the hotel surroundings. During the check-in process kat lobby, adults were served lemonades and kids were given a welcome pack. Dalam tu ada Milo sekotak and crayons and coloring sheets. IY was quite occupied for a while. After makan lunch, our rooms were ready, we had a quick nap. Penatss! All 4 of us terbongkang tidoq! Ye lah, bangun 4 pagi kannn! Sepatutnya petang tu after Asar we wanted to play some sand at the beach since the weather was nice. But the kids slept through sampai Maghrib. Dah la kat sana 6pm dah sunset. So nothing much we could do lah on the first day tu. Biasala kalau travel with kids tak boleh nak plan too rigid sangat. Mesti ada yang terbabas jugak. Kena ikut rentak depa jugak. If not nanti anak stress, mak bapak lagiiii stress! Apakah ertinya holiday kalau stress sebegitu?

Shangri-La Tanjung Aru – Thumbs up!

After Maghrib we drove around town to look for dinner. Tapi tak jumpa yang berkenan di hati. So pusing2 town je la and balik hotel makan. We called it a day and lepak bilik je. First day tak de apa sangat la yang happening. Nasib baik hotel ni best so tak keluar pun takpe. We still enjoyed ourselves indoor.

Will continue lagi nanti. Day 2 and 3 coming up!



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