Kota Kinabalu 2012: Day 2

6am++ dah cerah! Memang terasa jet lagged sikit. Konon la. Keh keh keh!

Waking up to this view..Subhanallah!

It’s day 2 and my parents wanted to drive up to Kundasang. Sebab my dad nak pegi ke kaki Gunung Kinabalu. Since it’s a 2-3 hours drive away and activity hanyalah menikmati pemandangan alam sekitar, we opted to stay at the hotel. Nak bawak the boys naik kereta drive macam balik kampung? With no car seat somemore?? Are you kidding me? Kejung tangan saya nak pegang little Z tu yang macam ulat beluncas kalau tak duduk car seat.

My sis sent me breathtaking pictures while they were on their day trip

So what was our activity? Waterplay of course! Dengan mak nye sekali turun padang. Lepas gian! We had breakfast in our room before heading down to the mini theme park and pool area. I got a few stares from the anak mat salleh. Mesti depa ingat what is this lady wearing kan? Macam nak turun scuba je. Oh I don’t care with the stares (eh rhyme!). I had a great time going down the slides with my  boys.

Breakfast in bed – one big American breakfast boleh share 4 orang

Waterplay was fun!

Later we went out for lunch kat town. First we went to check out the Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal for our next day boat ride. Survey dulu ticket price, boat schedule and destination. It was blazing hot! Zayyan was sleeping soundly in his stroller kesian pulak kalau nak makan outdoor dalam panas terik tu. So we went to Suria Sabah Mall just right beside the jetty. Dalam mall sejuk la sikit kan nak makan dengan tenang dan aman. Eh tapi tak aman sangat la sebab Ilhan sibuk main bawah meja. 😛

Jesselton Point – jetty for boat rides to the neighbouring islands

After lunch, I wanted to go to the Filipino Market to get few souvenirs but most of the kedai was closed sebab Hari Raya Aidiladha. Takpe lah, we will come again tomorrow. Filipino Market or the Pasar Kraftangan located in front of Le Meridien hotel is the bazaar where you can get the handcrafts and souvenirs especially the Sabah pearls. I dah set target nak beli the pearls brooches. We didn’t go to the malls along the street like 1Borneo or Warisan Square pun. We had no shopping plans. So just lalu je.

When we got back to the hotel, IY dah ajak turun beach. Unfortunately, it rained. Gee wanted to nap for a little bit so I took the kids out for a walk – to my parents’ room. We didn’t get a neighbouring room masa check in. Kena jalan jauh sikit nak pegi their rooms. Terperap la dalam bilik sampai Maghrib. The kids had fun tho.

Activity dalam hujan

Malam after Isyak the kids dah lena tido. I took the (rare) opportunity to the spa. Sempat la ber facial kejap sejam dua. Thanks to hubby for babysitting the (sleeping) kids. Will story more about the spa experience in my next entry k? To be continued!

End of day 2.



4 thoughts on “Kota Kinabalu 2012: Day 2

  1. thats it!!! tgk gambar gambar ni mmg sah la bulan ni jugak i nak gi beli dslr!!!!!!!

    oooh nice hotel ;D good on u guys for getting the promo rate!

    • Hahaha!! U made me laugh reading this!! Sila kannn beli. LOL!

      Tapi gambar beach yg cantik2 tu my bro yg amik dia pandai pakai manual setting. Yg tak cantik tu I pakai standard auto setting main belasah je shoot.

      Yup rezeki murah dpt promo 1/2 price.

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