Kota Kinabalu 2012: Day 3

Today was the island and beach day.

After breakfast, we went to the Jesselton Ferry terminal to get to Manukan Island. There are 5 neighbouring islands altogether (Manukan, Sapi, Mamutik, Gaya and Suluk) but we chose Manukan coz that’s the most popular and dekat la jugak. About 20 minutes boat ride je. Speed boat tau. Gee at first thought ala2 ferry macam pi Langkawi tu. I said no dear, it’s an open air speed boat!

The fees for the boat ride is RM23 for adult and RM18 for kids. Pastu additional tax is RM7.20 for adult and RM3.60 for kids. We were lucky coz we managed to get a boat all by ourselves tak payah sharing dengan orang lain. Also the boat guy gave us his number for us to contact him bila nak balik dia datang pick up. IY excited naik boat tu. Laju woo angin kuat pukul muka. I was mesmerized by the view. Cantik sangat!

At the ferry terminal

The boat ride

Entrance to Manukan Island. See my sling bag? I managed to squeeze the DSLR inside there! No bulky camera bag for this trip. Yeay berjaya!

It was still early when we reached the island. Dalam kul 9am-ish camtu but the sun was up macam dah pukul 1-2 noon je. Nak masuk island kena bayar RM3 (adult) and RM1 (kids) for island entrance fees. We walked around a little bit nak cari spot to hang out. Dah ramai orang la jugak masa tu banyak spot yang teduh dah di-chop orang. But we found one eventually. Mula2 we wanted to do some snorkelling tapi later dah seronok pulak layan the kids main sand castle and main ombak terus malas dah nak bersalin baju bagai. We are not diving enthusiast anyways. So tak kisah sangat la. There was a place where people could rent the snorkelling equipment. Ramai orang yang pegi snorkeling. I was in the impression that kalau nak pegi snorkeling we naik boat and turun dari boat bila dah sampai jauh sikit tapi rupanya kena jalan sendiri from the beach and swim sendiri to the designated area. Fish banyak kat situ. We were not supposed to feed the fish tau (although I see lotsa people buat jugak..hmm!).

The beautiful island

Z had a great time in the water whilst the putera lilin abang was happy under the shady area building sand castles. Dia tak nak masuk air. Entah apa yang dia takut entah lah. There was this incident masa jalan kat trail leading to the beach tu there was this big baby biawak crossing the walkpath through IY’s feet. Boy he was screaming like nobody’s business. Kesian abang. Terus phobia nak berjalan kat situ. Terus mintak dukung. Aiyakk!


About noon we made a move back to town. Z was a little cranky by then coz he missed his morning nap. We headed back to the city centre for lunch at the restaurant at the ferry terminal. Makan nasi ala2 Sari Ratu. Then singgah the Filipino Market to get the pearls and fridge magnets I wanted. Memang rambang mata! Tapi masa tu we were in a hurry la jugak coz it was already raining and Z pun dah lena. Gee waited in the car while we had a quick shopping spree!

On our way back. Adik dah lena dibuai angin laut. Nasib baik bawak spare susu dia in a bottle. I wouldn’t know how to bf him on the boat!

Rows of rows of pearl brooches, pearl butang baju, pearl accesories at a very good bargain. Oh btw, IY wanted that monkey. Tiba2 je nak beli soft toy sejak dah besar ni. Tak penah2 mintak. Tapi comel la monkey tuu. Bila tekan perut monkey tu ada bunyi kiss then it says “I LOVE YOU!”.

Hohh! Banyak nye gambar in one entry! I guess I’ll continue my spa story next. Till then.. toodles peeps!



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