Kota Kinabalu: Spa

I have a soft spot for the spa. Kalau orang lain drool tengok catalog LV ke Coach ke, I drool tengok spa menu. Tapi bila holiday je la boleh excited pegi spa sebab in KL mana ada time nak ber spa bagai. Nak curi masa pegi monthly facial pun bercinta! During this KK trip, I managed to squeeze some “me” time with a facial treatment and body massage. Bliss!

These are a few pictures of Chi Spa, Shangri-La Tanjung Aru. Enjoy the view.

The spa view from the pool area – it’s an island own its own. It was a wet evening, baru lepas hujan

The walkway leading up to the entrance of the spa

Masuk je entrance terus jumpa reception. Then there’s another entrance behind this fountain to the mini garden that leads to the mini villas where treatments are done

Ni entrance mini garden tuuu…Saya terkesima kejap. Cantiknye!

Each mini villa ada bath tub sendiri – it’s an open air but very private. Wished I had more time to mandi here but my treatment doesn’t include one. Kena amik full package yang ada massage, scrub,wrap which is about 4 hours! That’s a bit too long for me to leave the kids

Tu je gambar yang sempat amik. Gambar lain in the treatment room semua tak dapat nak snap coz my phone already in the locker dah.

So that wraps my KK trip. Good memories I must say. Would love to come again someday. InsyaAllah.



3 thoughts on “Kota Kinabalu: Spa

    • Price range was quite pricey. Cthnya, I could get a facial at my normal Aster Spring dermalogica for half the price. But I guess that’s expected as they are located at Shangri-La.

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