The big move

Work update?

The new bosses have decided that the office is moving. Unfortunately, the new address is a major problem for me. The distance, the traffic, the parking space. I can already imagine me being stressed in the car for hours. No, leaving the house before the sun rises and leaving the office after the sun sets is not an option for me. I don’t wanna come home to my sleeping babies. That’s not me.

For the past few months I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. Then came the big decision – I resigned. People may not understand why. Well, they don’t have to. But just for the record – because my family comes first. Nothing else matters.



15 thoughts on “The big move

  1. good for u!!!!!

    when i did that, ppl thought i was mad. sometimes a lot of them still get pretty mean about it. hmm honestly, i dont regret it one bit. they’re probably just jealous because i could take that option. muahahahaaaa…

    all the best hun!!

    • Nina,
      Eh but I’m not there yet to being an SAHM. Still can’t afford the title lah. But still, yeay good for me. I know there will something else for me out there. Rezeki Allah terbentang luas kan?

      • hahaha sama la kita. i wish i could be a full-time sahm. tapi takleh, my bontot very panas. kena gak kerja part-time and lain-lain lagi 😉

        but yes! insyallh rezeki Allah ada bahagian masing-masing! 😀

      • Haah if pandai sew mmg bestt. Tgk a fren of mine menjahit baju sendiri n even baju husband n anak2 best gile. Blaja from youtube je 🙂 tp mmg if dpt something niche to sell confirm laku 🙂

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