The other day we brought IY to see an ENT specialist at PCMC to check why he was complaining his ears hurt. Masa kat KK he was crying in the middle of the night sebab sakit. Mula2 I thought sebab air masuk telinga mandi manda waterplay tu. Risau la jugak. I was this close of calling the hotel’s oncall doctor. Nasib baik he stop crying and went back to sleep after pujuk2 and tepuk dia.

We saw Dr Yeo an ENT specialist who also specializes in paed ENT too. He checked IY’s ears and saw nothing abnormal. Pheww! Lega mama. While we were there, I selit sekali my concern that IY is loud. His volume I meant. Seriously IY ni tak reti cakap perlahan. I can understand if we were in a crowd. But at home also dia cakap kuat. Dah lama dah I notice but never went to the experts to know why.

This Dr Yeo is very blunt. He went straight to “your son might be slightly deaf”. To my face! Haiyoo! Sentap mak! Then he asked series of questions bla bla bla…pastu he ordered a hearing test for IY. The test went fine. My son is not deaf, excuse me!

He later concluded that IY speaks loud because it’s a habit. He is used to speaking loudly and we might need to train him to speak at the the right volume at the right time.

My dear husband on the other hand thinks it’s in the genes. MY genes to be exact! Ceiit!!



4 thoughts on “ENT

  1. haahhaha….anak i pun ckp kuat since my genes ckp kuat. kalo i slow down my volume…my husband tak dengar pulak. jenuh nk repeat berkali2. End up my husband ckp..”dah nasib badan dpt wife ckp kuat….”. He adores pompuan yang ckp lemah lembut gemalai bagai sbb her wife bersuara sgtla kuat…..

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