Lepas si anak dengan telinga , si ayah pulak dengan hidung!

Gee has been experiencing a neverending flu for years. He snorts all the time. Like annoyingly ALL the time. I have always urged him to go see a doctor and get himself checked. And he always gets away with it. Ala I have resdung that’s all. And he doesn’t want to talk about it. And that drove me crazy!

However, early this year my uncle was diagnosed with cancer. He is still struggling with it. It all began with a simple stomach ache and bam!! Stage 4! Our prayers are with him through this trying time. My uncle’s story kind of opened my eyes that I need to get Gee checked. All this while I just layan kan saja when he tries to change the subject of ENT. This time I insisted. Really pushed him to do it. I made the appointment and took time off work to go to the hospital with him. This time I pekakkan telinga and look away when he’s giving me the “Do-we-have-to-do-this?” look.

We went to Dr Yeo at PCMC. The same IY doctor. He might be blunt but I guess blunt is good. No going round the bush to get to the point. He shoved a mini camera into Gee’s nostrils and I could see in the TV the insides of his nose! The preliminary diagnosis is sinusitis. He ordered a CT scan terus. Next appointment will be next week where we will discuss further on the scan result and the next course of action. I pray to God it’s just sinusitis and nothing more.

Share with me if you have similar experience. I’m doing my mini research on what to expect. Just read Mommy Lyna from MySuperkids punya experience pun I dah start seriau dah.

Will update more nanti kay? Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Sinusitis

  1. iskh takutnyer.. i pon ada resedung kronik dari darjah 3 lg. rasanya sebab suka sangat curi makan belacan. ye lah kekanak dulu suka panjat dapur curi garam la, buat cicah, curi belacan la.. menyesal-menyesal. (keluar tajuk pulak)

    tapi yg masuk kamera dlm hidung tu mmg penah buat. nasib baik la doktor kata x ada apa2 yg kritikal.

    bila dh ada baby ni baru perasan. rupanya yg jadi teruk sgt resedung tu adalah disebabkan dalam hidung xde bulu. (ada jugak genetik xde bulu hidung ni). n baby pun xde bulu hidung jugak. xde filter..

    ok. cukup merapu kat blog orang ni. terima kasih tuan blog.

    • Ooo ada eh org x de bulu hidung. First time dengar ni. My hubby I pun x tau dia pantang makan apa. Semua dia sebat je. Dia pun x tau dia boleh x boleh makan apa kot.

      Haha sila datang lgi dan merepek di sini k? Most welcome!

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