Legoland Malaysia

We are back from the road trip. Alhamdulillah selamat pergi dan balik. Although I had a few berdebar moments in the car, I survived the trip – emotionally.

So let’s talk about Legoland Malaysia.

I bought the tickets online and printed them at home. Tak kuasa lah nak beratur panjang. Although I ada 35% discount voucher I decided beli online lagi save time (and stress-free). I still get a 25% discount sebab beli 7 days prior to the date.

We arrived at 10am and the Q to go in pun dah panjang. But it was moving fast. First sekali I headed to the strollers counter. These strollers are genius! It kept my hyperactive son manageable. IY sat on the stroller the whole time! Kalau sampai destinasi baru dia turun. I heart strollers!! The rental price of the stroller is RM20 for single and RM30 for double. No need refundable deposit (unlike JPO). The stroller ada our name and phone numbers tagged to it. Kalau masuk mana2, just park the strollers outside jangan risau tak hilang.

The Q untuk beli tickets lagi panjang dari Q nak masuk. Orang memang ramai as expected since it’s a school holiday

It was a hot day. Memang panas bahang. We all semua sun burnt! Z yang putih melepak pun dah hitam! Haha! I dok baca from other blogs people complaining that Legoland panas sebab baru and takde banyak pokok. Well, what I saw ada je banyak pokok yang dah besar. But this is Malaysia lah, so the heat was expected. Kalau pokok banyak pun rasanya still akan tetap berlengas. It’s the humidity. Kalau tanya my opinion, I would suggest the park pasang banyak2 fans yang macam kedai mamak tu. The ones with the water spray tu. Especially kat tempat lining up for the rides. Tak perlu la nak pasang fan yang cantik2 tapi tinggi benor ceiling nye. Tak rasa pun angin. Letak je yang mamak style tu. People will appreciate that more. One more tip for you, let the kids wear shorts and sleeveless. Pakai sunblock, bawa baju spare 2-3 pasang and don’t forget water nak minum. Mak bapak pun kalau nak bawak baju spare pun bagus gak. You’ll be soaking wet! Either in sweat or rain! Yes, it rained towards the end of the day! Cats and dogs.

I love these pictures. Z was in awe tengok orang kecik Lego ni. It’s like he’s saying “hey, you are as small as me!”

Luckily we covered most of the kiddy rides before it rained. Cuma mama ayah je la tak sempat nak naik the tower yang boleh nampak the whole park tu. Also nak naik train going round the park sebab the Q was gile panjang! Kena gigih menunggu. One smart thing is they have a mini corner of Legos for the kids to play with sementara mak bapak beratur tunggu turn. A good distraction. The Lego corner tu dalam tempat beratur jugak so the kids are still within the vicinity. Biar mak bapak je yang sabar menunggu, anak seronok bermain lego. The things parents do for love. Oh!

The kiddos are enjoying themselves. Well, the daddy, the mommy, the uncle and the auntie too!

People say the Legoland tickets are way too expensive. But I say unless you go in and see the park yourself, you will understand what are you paying for. The place is full of Lego. And you know how much is the price of each Lego tu kan. Especially at the miniature land where they have the landmarks of Malaysia and Singapore made of little Legos. The intricate details are just amazing. Sangat specific sangat sama. Of course the (pricey) tickets you pay nak bayar salary the people behind the scenes, the upkeep of the park and whatnots expenses. They have a standard they need to mantain. Putting fun aside, I am truly proud that we have Legoland in Malaysia. Cuba bayangkan the job opportunities created, the revenue yang masuk and the reputation built. Sour grapes will say orang Singapore boleh la pegi, forex depa baloi. Well, if that brings in more money into our country, bring it on! Come on Singaporean, spend your SGD here! If they can be proud of their USS, we can be equally proud of our Legoland. Haa kan dah ter patriotik kejap.

The miniature land. Imagine the time spent on the intricate details. Fuhh tabik!

We were stranded at one of the cafes inside the park while it rained. The boys were dry tapi me and my sis dah drenched wet coz we rode on a roller coaster yang ada splash water. I’m not a roller coaster kinda girl but demi my sis yang suka, ku redah sahaja. Sisterly love? Iyo lah! If you ask my 15-year old sis what she thinks of Legoland, she’d say Genting rides lagi best. If you ask my 4-year old son, he’d say I like it mom! 2 reasons – one sebab tak sempat nak cover the adult rides (which I think ada a few yang best2 gak). And two because Legoland is catered for the kids. I think my sister would love USS more. Next time we go USS ok sis?

Tertinggal jantung kat atas! IY patiently waited while Z sudah zonked out!

Will I come again? Yes, definitely. Next time Z dah cukup umur cukup tinggi boleh dah nak join abang naik rides. That would be more fun!

Next up – JPO and Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park.


8 thoughts on “Legoland Malaysia

  1. hi tuan blog,
    seronoknya pergi Legoland. xsampai lagi ke sana.. huhu.. rasa macam jauh je dari Ipoh ni nak ke JB. kena giat n tekad hati baru boleh pergi.

    haha., pasal your son yang xcukup tinggi nak naik rides tu, teringat pulak kisah i kat Bukit Merah Laketown (haha,, xkelas langsung). gigih la bawak baby pergi, skali, xboleh naik rides yang mcm kereta kabel (tapi lebih macam buaian kabel je) tu. huhu . pak budak je yang boleh naik. mak budak n budak tinggal kat bawah, tengok aje.

    sejak tu.. sumpah xmau pergi theme park sampailah baby cukup tinggi, ye.. rugi tenaga je..

    nanti kat Ipoh ada DisneyLand. tahun 2015.. haha.. kena kumpul rm1 sehari dari sekarang. hahaha.. sebab mesti ampuuunnnn, mahal tiketnya… haha… n baby pun dah cukup tinggi masa tu nak naik rides. (insyaallah) jgn ada baby lain pulak sudah.. haha.. tinggal mak budak n budak kecik lagi kat bawah.. haha

    ok.. tq tuan blog..

    • Hi Linda (tersenyum I baca u tulis tuan punya blog)…
      Oh dari Ipoh turun JB harus singgah KL ni..agak jauh for you tapi boleh je kalau plan betul2.
      Haa tu la tak best gak adik tak boleh naik rides lagi. Nasib baik dia free masuk. Tickets for kids starts at 3-12yo.
      Oh I baru tau ni Disneyland nak bukak Ipoh! Best best! Mari menabung bersama2. LOL!!
      Tapi kan..pegi theme park ni yang seronok is anak2..kita happy bila dorang happy.

  2. bestnya! salute u lah for going there with Z. memang one tough laydayyy. i punye plan is to let H and Gibran go to legoland, and i shall go to JPO with ilan! muahahahahahahahahahaaaaa (yes mcm dah kluar devilish horns dah ni)

    • Haha salute ke? Z tak banyak ragam..he’s a very easy baby nak bawak ke mana2.
      Oh split Legoland and JPO..ala nanti sapa nak amik gambar the boys dengan DSLR baru tuu? (dah beli ke belom?)
      Haha kuar devilish horns eh? Nanti I update JPO plak!

  3. I should post gak our trip to legoland windsor last Oct tapi mood tak mari2. Lagipun pic si Qirah not much, coz she was moody a bit, the weather was colder than I thought and dia tak lepas ketinggian minimum on a lot of rides. Issh cemetot je anak i ni kan.. anak mat saleh, i perasan ada toddler much younger than her, lepas je. Next time ajela ye Qirah kat Msia lak. But yes I agree with you on the mini city tu.. very impressive and salute to the architect tu, mesti depa tgk blueprint gak kan. Salute gak kat you yg sanggup membasahi diri heheheh

    • Ala post la cite Legoland Windsor tu. Gambar kat FB ada tak? Nak tengok! Sejuk sangat pun tak best gak kan?
      I pun ada terfikir macam mana dorang tahu setiap inci nak buat building tu as specific as that. Betul lah maybe siap tgk blueprint tu.

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