Sinusitis update

Continuation from this entry.

We went to see Dr Yeo last week. He saw the MRI film and confirmed that Gee has a severe case of sinusitis. He even rated Gee as 8/10 severity. That’s bad la kan. Dia explained thoroughly (from the MRI film) where are are the sinuses located and where are his blocked airways. Dari tak paham baca MRI terus tau dah. Terre dah I!

So what options do we have? One is medication. The other is surgery. The doctor asked him to choose. Immediately he said let’s try medication first. I pulak nak surgery. I said I just want to get this done and over with. Nak sembuh cepat je I fikir. But Dr Yeo was not pushy. He let Gee decides.

Actually the surgery tu bukan la surgery per se. It’s just a 1-hour procedure called FESS (sama macam yang MommyLyna tu buat). The procedure will reduce the symptoms by 80%.

And so my dear husband insisted on the medication dulu. He is now on Aerius tablet and also Nasonex nasal spray. We will be seeing Dr Yeo again next month and see how he progresses then.

Cepat sembuh ye bang!



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