Breastfeeding: Almost done

Little Z turned 17 months yesterday. Meaning I’m almost three quarter done with this breastfeeding journey. Wahh I’m so proud of myself. Macam tak percaya I got this far. Z is now eating like a champ! Putting on weight (slowly but surely). I couldn’t ask for more. Good job, Adik!

So I have this little plan in my head on how to wean him off by June 2013. I want him to be off the boobies by his 2nd birthday. Some may not agree with me. But I’m just planning ahead. I wish I don’t have to go through the letak garam kopi cuka segala on my tits just to make him rejects me. I want the parting to be sweet and meaningful (cewah!). Not masin masam or pahit! Kesian jugak kat dia. Tak kan nak go cold turkey kot. Dia bukan tahu apa. Why mommy why? Nenen kan sedap?

I also don’t want the process to be painful for me. Literally I meant. Engorge, leaking and keras-macam-batu is not what I have in mind. Apatah lagi demam. Hoh! Memori semasa pantang kembali? Nehi.

Breastfeeding is all in the brains remember? It’s how you channel your thought. So the first step is less pumping. I will only pump when tangki sudah penuh. I want to send signals to my brain (and subsequently) to my boobs to slow down production. Dulu 3x a day in the office. Then 2x. Now it’s only 1x je and I’ll do it at home after work. Itupun kalau Z tak kendurikan dulu. Habiskan EBM dalam freezer for his daily consumption. Tak perlu restock dah. But direct feeding is still on. As and when demanded.

Next step. To slow down on the day time direct feeding. How? Kasi dia makan banyak2 and when it’s susu time, it will be his Pediasure choc milk or Goodday fresh milk. He’ll also be fully on Pediasure at daycare.

Now comes the hard part. Night time feeding. Huwarghhh! I simply don’t know how to do this yet. Simply because malasnye nak bangun malam bancuh susu! Until he really sleeps through the night, I think this will be my biggest challenge.

The other hard part – I won’t be burning (effortless-ly) the extra 500 calories anymore.

Wish me luck



5 thoughts on “Breastfeeding: Almost done

  1. pu3, midwife sini advise if you nak wean off baby from bottle feeding especially nite feeding, you start with bagi dia susu dlm botol mcm biasa sukatannya, then the next day try reduce the FM but with the same quantity of water and so on and so forth until jadi tawar habis la susu tu. Automatic he will stop (katanya). I tak cuba pun hehehe, coz my Qirah kan masih cerewet makan, so pity her, but now slowly dia sendiri sleep through the nite (or morning – mmg kelawar la anak dara i ni) at least for good 6 hours. Good luck babe.

    • Oh tapi I nak wean off Z from breastfeeding kak farah. Bukan bottle feeding. Currently he still minum direct from me malam2 bangun a few times to bf.

      But for abang IY yes I’m trying to wean him off the bottle. Will blog that in a different entry. IY doesn’t wake up at night for bottles though.

  2. good entry dear! i tgh pening thinking about how to wean ilan off. gibran was easyyyyyy. just like snap snap, he was done. but alas, lain budak lain kan.

    • Thanks darling! Ye la this is kinda like my 6-7 months plan. Nak execute slowly and gradually. Dulu IY was easy jugak. He rejected me just like that (oh sedih!). Engorge and bengkak but not too bad. Maybe coz I managed to bf only for 13 months.
      Yup lain budak lain kisahnya. And ini budak kecik Zayyan nampak gaya macam susah je nak wean off ni. Especially night time feeding.
      I wish you good luck too!

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