Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day Challenge

Have you heard of this challenge?
It’s fun and I have jumped into the bandwagon too since bergiat aktif dalam IG ni.

Fat Mum Slim is a blogger from Aussie and she started this hype. Every month she’ll put up a theme for each day and everyone will post a picture on their IG that fits the theme but also relates to your own life at the same time. Then just hashtag. I suka pi tengok the pictures at the hashtag folders. From all over the world. Banyak gambar yang creative. Ada yang cantik sangat! And ada jugak yang ntah apa apa. But it made me realize the world out there is amazingly beautiful.

November list

November list

Here’s my collection of my first month #fmsphotoadaynov.

Here's my November

My November

Alaa the captions are small. Tak leh nak nampak la pulak. I’ll try to figure it out camne nak kasi besar sikit next month kay?


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