My 2012

Aizura posted an entry on her 2012. I thought it was a brilliant idea! I should recap my year too. And be thankful for it. Here are the highlights of my 2012.


*IY started going to school. A bit emotional moment for me – oh anak dah sekolah!


*IY was offically diaper-free (day and night).


*Dad’s quadruple bypass surgery.


*Hubby resigned from his job and took the challenge to turn his passion to a career.


*IY turned 4.
*Z was admitted. His first hospital stay. It was a month of risau written all over my face.


*Z turned 1.
*My bro’s wedding.
*Z was hospitalized again.


*Hectic! Double celeb aqiqah and double birthday bash.
*Things mellowed down when Ramadhan came along.


*Balik kampung for Aidilfitri.
*We met with a minor accident.


*Brother & wifey went to Cardiff.
*IY started his soccer school at the Goal Academy.


*The KK trip. Had a blast!
*I tendered my resignation serving 1 month notice. Sob sob!


*The Legoland and JPO trip. Pokai!
*Last day with the previous company. Sob sob sob! Sedih sangat.


*New job.
*Lost my dear uncle to cancer. Alfatihah.
*My baby sis scored straight A’s in PMR.

So there goes my year. With ups and downs, tears and laughter. It was sure a memorable one. I have a lot to be thankful for. Alhamdulillah.

Dear 2013, semoga umur panjang to go through another 12 months. Bring it on baybeh!



6 thoughts on “My 2012

  1. Alhamdulillah and so thankful for Y2012 and may we all ready for whatever challenge in 2013 and beyond insyaallah.

    Nak gak buat recap but blog ku dah berhabuk, hohoho, need an inspiration to write

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