The cat story

This is one story I want to remember.

I’m not a cat person. Like seriously. I penggeli. Bukan geli yuck! Tapi more like geli meremang bulu roma bila sentuh kucing or kucing lalu kat kaki. I look at cats but I don’t touch. That’s me.

So when I saw a very sick cat lying on my porch the other day ( 7 January 2013), I freaked out! The cat was weak and there were lalats dah start hurung dia. My first thought, “Oh my God! Gee lenyek ke?”. I knew the cat was still alive coz his tummy still naik turun (very slow tho). I hyperventilated and called Gee. He was on his way sending the kids to school and daycare. No way he was gonna make a U-turn just for this! Then I called my mom. Well, my mom is just like me! Takut kucing gak. I almost cried and was “talking” to the cat to hang on. Please don’t die. Please don’t die.

I called a friend tanya dia “camne nak pegang kucing?” LOL!! Yeah, I don’t know how! She told me to cubit the cat’s neck. So that’s what I did. But not with my bare hands tho. Lapik towel. Surprisingly, the cat was ringan. Masuk kan dalam box and my mom drove us to the nearest vet. Sempat  google kejap and found there’s one government vet near my house.

When I found him. Lying helplessly. Kesian.

When I found him. Lying helplessly. Kesian.

Arrived the vet and the nurses took the cat to the ER. Cewahh macam hospital orang je kan? Seriously, it felt like that. The nurse said no he wasn’t hit by a car (phew!). The cat was severely dehydrated je and might have some blood infection. They stabilized him. Put him on IV drip and gave him ubat itu ini. Fuhh, memang macam human patient.

At the clinic - they asked us apa nama kucing ni? We named him BUDET.

At the clinic – they asked us apa nama kucing ni? We named him BUDET.

Gee came over after sending the kids and we just don’t know what to do. Although I mentioned to the vet that this was a stray cat, still they asked us to bring him home if he gets better. Gee gave me the can-we-keep-him look. Errr…I don’t think so! But I didn’t say lah. I just said “tengok dulu”. Diplomatic eyh? Kah kah kah! Anyway, since the clinic was near, I went to the office ( I was already late!) and ask them to call me for updates. After a few hours, the clinic called asking us to take the cat to UPM. There’s a bigger vet facility there where they could run more tests and warded him. Whoaaa! Warded. Things just got real I thought. So off we went to UPM. I insisted on driving as I don’t want to handle the cat. Gee was watching over the cat in the box. Everytime he purr-ed, I got shivers. Seriau rasa macam la kucing tu nak terkam kita. Gee kept assuring me that the cat was too weak even to lift his head.

New Folder1

The hospital has 2 separate entrance – one for dogs only and the other for rest of the pets

We took a number and waited to be called. We managed to potong Q sebab the cat was too weak and critical. Dapat masuk and terus jumpa doctor. That was my first time ever watching a vet treat a cat. A whole new experience I must say. They took him away in the cage to the ward. I was kinda curious nak tengok how does a cat ward looks like though. The vet explained to me that the cat was seriously ill. They will run tests on him to see what’s wrong. His body temperature was too low (even the thermometre couldn’t get a reading). She told me the cat might not survive. Awww, suddenly I felt a lump in my throat. Kesian.

Inside the room

They put him in a cage and later to be transferred to the ward – this was the last I saw him

The next day, I got a call from the doctor. Budet just passed away that morning. Although it wasn’t an unexpected news (based on the doctor’s prediction and his condition), somehow I felt sad. Rasa kehilangan. Wow, imagine how cat lovers out there feel when their pets die. Lagi la sedih. Anyway, I asked the doc what went wrong. He said Budet was already nazak when he arrived. His red blood cells was only less than 10%. He was dying.

Dear Budet,

I’m sorry you didn’t make it. For some reason you chose my porch for help. And of all the cat lovers in the neighbourhood, you chose me – a girl who is afraid of cats. I hope I have done my best. I might not be very gentle with you in the process. Sorry if I caused you pain. You’ll suffer no more. Rest in peace, boy.

So that’s my cat story.

I'll always remember you boy

I’ll always remember you



11 thoughts on “The cat story

  1. Huwaahh.. rasanya lebih 3 kali bukak blog ni xde update, mmg betul la, entry ni worth waiting for.

    mmg insan terpilih je buat mcm u buat ni,Put3. bawak kucing tu dari klinik ke hospital. despite of your nature yg geli kucing, u have big heart to help the poor cat.

    i penah jumpa kucing nazak mcmtu kat pintu belakang rumah. i terus ambil letak dalam kotak n letak kat tempat buang sampah. 10 minutes later, tgk dia dah mati pun. masa tu xrasa macam nak tolong pun.

    but lepas baca entry u, rs mcm keji je diri sendiri tak tolong kucing tu. huhu.. takpe lah. yang baik kita jadikan tauladan, yang buruk (macam perbuatan i ni) kita jadikan sempadan.

    • Tindakan reflex kot masa tu tak terfikir benda lain pun. Lagipun dok fikir my hubby yg gelek dia so rasa bersalah tu ada gak.

      Anyway, nantikan cerita seterusnya. Haha!

  2. What happened to the cat actually? From the first picture nampak kat area ‘pinggang’ (kucing ada pinggang ke? :D) dia ada mcm lekuk. Either kena langgar or tersepit. My cat had this condition before, and he didn’t last long. He was tersepit kat pintu gate. And then my mom said, kalau kucing cedera kat area ‘pinggang’ tu confirm tak dapat survive lama. huu…

    • Dia ada blood infection. Bukan kena langgar. Gambar yg first tu nampak perut dia kempis sbb dia severely dehydrated and sangat weak. Lepas vet dh kasi IV drip masuk air baru perut dia buncit sikit (macam gambar last).

  3. Salam, Hai puteri!
    Sya ni just silent reader je. Tapi story yg ni sedih sgt. Bergenang air mata. Teringat kucing sendiri (dah lama takde). Apa2 pun really proud of u! Semoga Allah SWT membalas jasa puteri yg cuba selamatkan budet. Take care..

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