Sinus Irrigation

This is the thing that hubby uses to irrigate his sinuses. It is also known as Neti Pot nasal irrigation.

FLO Sinus Care.

The hospital provided the Starter Kit after the operation. Lepas tu bila dah balik rumah we just needed to top up beli the refills (sebab yang dalam Starter Kit dah habis pakai masa kat hospital). The refills tu are sachets dalam powder form. Needs to be diluted with lukewarm water and fill up dalam the bottle. Kalau nak bancuh sendiri saline water tu boleh jugak. In case stock sachet tu habis. You just need warm water, salt and baking soda (tapi I tengok ada recipe yang tak pakai baking soda pun). You cannot use normal air kosong to clean the sinus tau.

Flo Sinus Care Starter Kit

Flo Sinus Care Starter Kit

So how do you do it?

There’s so many videos on YouTube. Just take your pick nak tengok yang mana. But basically just bend your body towards the sink dalam 45 degrees and squeeze the solutions into your nostril. Breathe through your mouth throughout the process. You will feel a pressure build up dalam hidung (macam rasa nak tersedak yang tak jadi) pastu slowly air tu akan keluar ikut nostril yang sebelah lagi. Repeat on the other nostril. If you memang tengah flu, you can see all the hingus and mucus keluar together with the air garam tu.

Selamat mencuba. Even if you don’t have penyakit resdung, do try it if you caught the flu bug before resorting to medication. It might be worth it.



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