New swimming class

I’m looking for a new place for IY for his swimming class. Why? Well, let’s just say IY had a traumatized experience with one of the coaches. Selalu dia dapat coach lady, that one fateful day dapat coach lain.

It has been weeks now and he still doesn’t want to go to his class because he’s scared of that one particular coach who scolded him. I saw the whole incident and IMHO, nak jadi cikgu kena la sabar. Jangan cranky bila budak tak pick up se cepat yang kita expect. Haiyoh cikgu…He’s not even 5. Give him a break lah.

For the record, IY cried and sobbed in the pool. Tersedu sedan takut. When I asked him to come up and change, he was still crying and hugged me. 😦

Anyways, mama is back to square one finding him a new place preferably nearer to our home.

Wish me luck!



4 thoughts on “New swimming class

    • Teruk tu takde la dia jerit2 ke apa. Just that the teacher was like x sabar dia. Dok sebut “haiyaa,haiyaa”. Macam cranky stress apa je. Not so kid-friendly kind of teacher. Maybe dia x biasa ajar budak kecik kot. B4 this I nampak dia ajar budak besar and adult je.

      Takpe la dear, u google rasanya byk area ur home tu ada. Try KDE ke?

  1. I lupa kat mana IY’s lesson is…? Was, i mean. We take ours frm advanced aquatics at the club. So far very kid friendly. A few of my frens pun dah masukkan anak diorang.

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