Breastfeeding: Still

It’s been a while since I last talk about my breastfeeding journey. Zayyan is 20 months now and still on the boobies. But he’s more like a casual drinker now. Dah pandai demand when he wants it. Kalau dah ehek ehek buat muka kesian and cucuk2 my chest tu, mommy gets the point. Bila dia tengah ralit bermain ke or doing his thing, dia haus dia datang and demands for his milk. Tak sampai berapa minit – dah (yes, he actually says dah!). Pastu sambung main. Japgi datang balik and sambung minum susu. If kalau dulu masa zaman pumping I feel like a milk factory, now I feel like a water cooler machine. LOL! He still wakes up at night for his feeding (although I cannot remember how many times coz I feed while I’m sleeping). One thing that annoys mommy now is Z cannot stay still while drinking! Busy betul kaki tangan segala. Sambil humming menyanyi pun pernah!

I have completely stop pumping and sold my Medela FS. I no longer have that engorgement feeling as my body has adjusted to the no-pumping less-feeding mode. Ada sekali je hari tu entah kenapa tiba2 engorge bagai nak gile and terus seram sejuk demam kat office. Sengsara nak tunggu pukul 5.30 petang habis kerja terus ikut Gee pegi fetch the kids (biasanya I tunggu kat rumah je for them to come home). I couldn’t stand the pain. Dan dan tu jugak dalam kereta I forced Z to drink up. Si kenit ni memang pantang di offer! But it took me around 3 days jugak la to clear up the hard lump and for the pain to go away. Selain the extra feeding, I also did the Marmet hand express, hot shower and tuam dengan warm bag. And of course, Panadol!

I have 4 more months to go and somehow I feel sad. Breastfeeding is an emotional bonding. And to end that special bonding is very heart-breaking. I have started talking to Z about him going to be a big boy soon. That his birthday is coming up and he will no longer drink his nenen. He can drink his “tutu” (susu) like his “abam” (abang). I don’t think he understands yet. Tapi takpe la kan, never underestimates a child. Especially masa dia nak lena tu tengah mamai that’s the best time nak nasihat anak.

I’m on my way there. Sikit je lagi.



4 thoughts on “Breastfeeding: Still

  1. i feel the same way with ilan. lagi lagi pulak becoz i know somehow that he is my last. dont think there’ll be any more babies (spine cant take it). sedih sgt bila pikirkan

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