Registration to standard 1

We went to the big school today. Registered IY to Primary 1. Whoaa that feeling. That ohmygod-our-son-is-going-to-a-real-school kinda feeling. I even joked with Gee–kita dah tua lah sayang!

Since we haven’t decided on where IY will be in January 2015, we figured just to register him to an SK as backup. Later lah decide nak Adni ke nak SK. Ke nak sekolah mana2 lah. In the form ada kena fill up 2 more schools as Pilihan ke-2 dan ke-3. I wasn’t prepared for that. Baru menggelabah nak fikir nama sekolah lain. Last2 I just pick the school near our home (which was previously my sis and bro SK dulu). Pilihan ke-3? Gee kata belasah je la St John. What? Nak jugakkk buh sekolah dia kan?

Sempat lepas rindu tengok lencana sekolah lama and the motto of the school. That’s the only thing that hasn’t changed since the move and demolition. (The old location is now Pavillion–yeah, you know that Prada store? That corner there was my desk, I used to sit there and hear the banging sound of the construction of LV across the road while Puan Kylas was teaching us Math. Haha!).

Anyway, one thing is off my mommy-list now. Moving on.



4 thoughts on “Registration to standard 1

  1. hi…i pun dah register my son yesterday…tp online je laa…next week kot baru pegi school tu…As for now, looks like Iskandar will be going to SJKC Damansara…hehehe

  2. cakap pasal standard 1.. i pun nervous ni nak tahu result standard 1 hakeem. Berdoa banyak2 dia dapat a place in SK yang i register last year. The result will be in June or July 2013. Nak fikir juga transit to nearby tadika after SK session before going to sek agama pada belah petang.

  3. We inserted option 2 and 3 when we registered Irfan for SK and because of that, he was not given the school of our choice (padahal less than 5 mins away from home!) citing the school is over-subscribed. Pft. Had to appeal and pull strings and managed to get him the school of our choice after 2 months. I heard it is common for them to do that. So hopefully, your son will get the first choice. All the best!

    • Oh I have a feeling that we will experience the same thing. This school we registered is very goreng pisang panas kinda school. I letak yang lagi 2 pun just for the sake of isi form je.

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