2013 holiday

Istanbul, Turkey

Can you guess?

OMG! I’m so excited! Like seriously, planning for a holiday is half the fun.

So far, the tickets are booked and the hotel is confirmed. Thanks to Matta Fair. I am currently working on the itinerary. As usual, I’m google-ing.

And of course, I need tips on flying for 10 hours with a hyperactive kid and his copycat protegé brother. I need to keep my sanity intact at all times to handle them both. So help me GOD!

Nevertheless, looking forward to May. Toodles!



6 thoughts on “2013 holiday

  1. turkey ke? love turkey! (hentam teka je!!! ntah btol ntah tak!!) better diet prior to the trip though. turkish food… heehehehehe.. sebab tu saeedahs situ semua nya comel comel belaka…

    insyaAllah, the kids’ll surprise u with their ability to self-entertain! 😉 Gibran has always been veryyyy hyper much like your IY.. briefing dia beforehand and bring activities that he enjoys. games, movies and such. with ilan.. well we just let him do whatever he wants and we shut both our eyes. lol

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