Let’s meet the turtles

So he finally did it. Beli jugak. Much to my dismay.

So far the turtles are fine. No funny smells nor they are dying. Semua masih ok. Let’s hope it stays that way. My argument with Gee when he mentioned about pets was about keeping them alive. Risau  nye if they die dalam jagaan kita. To me, having a pet is like jaga anak jugak. Amanah Allah. We have Allah to answer to if we do not take good care of our amanah.

IY and Z are very excited. IY helps Gee feeding them everyday while Z watches with much enthusiasm. The other day IY held the turtles for the first time and I must say he’s very brave. He helped picking the turtles out for Gee to clean the tanks. They eat the food bought at the pet shop. Apa ntah nama dia but it looks like fish food tu. Sehari makan dalam 7-8 biji once a day. The pet shop owner pesan tak boleh makan banyak sangat karang dia mati kekenyangan pulak. Also to make sure they are warm enough tak boleh sejuk. How to tell if they are sick/dying? The eyes will turn white. Everyday I make sure the eyes are NOT white and they are still moving.

Me? Still very geli to touch. Although I think I’m getting better. Perasaan meremang bulu roma dah takde. I kinda enjoy watching them “playing” in the tank. Studying their characters are also fun too. I find the male turtle is very hyper-active moving here and there roaming around and panjat2 wood–sampai tergolek pun pernah. While the other turtle which is a female is more reserved, suka nyorok bawah kayu and buat hal sendiri. (Yes, I know now how to differentiate the gender–terre dah).

IY calls them Abang dan Adik. But generally we call them “turtles”. Sangat original eyh?

Pictures are from the DSLR. But if you follow my IG and Keek, there a few more pics and clips over there. Enjoy!

Where they are

Presenting our newly adopted kids in the red tank. Haa ni gambar “empat” beradik. LOL!

They were smaller a week ago

They were smaller a week ago

They like menyondol at the corners like that

They like to menyondol at the corners like that

Spot the patterns? That's how I differentiate them. But to know female/male kena tengok patterns kat base dia.

They might look the same, but they are not. Nak tahu female/male kena tengok base dia. But for me, I recognise them through their characters. Sekor active sekor shy. A little bit like my boys–coincidence? Maybeeee!



4 thoughts on “Let’s meet the turtles

  1. Pu3 so funny bila u said ” everyday the eyes are not white”. Hahaha.. Masa intai mata kekura tu mesti hati ada berdebar sikit kan. Hahaha..
    I ingat ms dok asrama dulu, ada boy ni bela kekura ni. Dia bawak masuk kelas. Bila cikgu masuk dia letak dlm laci bawah meja. Turn out, that kekura chew kerja sekolah kawan i. Hahaha.. Kesimpulan, kekura pun boring2 chew kertas mcm hemster. Hahaha

    • Yeah I heard that too. I could see that actually. Dah makin besar now that it’s been a few weeks already. Gee dah berangan nk buat pond belakang rumah for them. Errk!!

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