Photobook: IY’s First Year


After many many months since I last posted about the previous photobook, siap jugak akhirnya. IY’s first year photobook. A collection of his photos from the pregnancy days up to his first birthday. Pregnancy test also made an appearance in there! (Euww, I know. But hey, a mother got to do what a mother got to do,right? Errr, which is snapping the picture of the positive kit BEFORE throwing it away).

It took me a while to sort out his pictures according to month. 200 hundred of them. Phew! Then I sent to Asma and she came back with the draft layout. Then I took my own sweet time some more to comment on the draft and change this and that. Pastu submit balik to her to make the amendments. Pastu another round of checking. I think ada la dekat 4-5 kali kot back and forth sampai puas hati.

Next project? Of course la Z’s. But nak rehat kejap kot. But will definitely do one for him too. His pregnancy test had to be featured too, kan? Almaklumlah, mommy harus adil. LOL!

A friend asked me yesterday–when you named the album “His First Year”, does that mean there will be “Second, Third and so on?”. Jawapan: Oh tidak. Tahun pertama sahaja ye anak-anak. Tahun lain2 mama tak larat dah.

Check out Asma’s blog if you wanna know how to create your own photobook.

Made in Manchester

Made in Manchester

My tummies!

My tummies!


Fresh from the oven

Faces of IY throughout his first year

Faces of IY throughout his first year

His first birthday

His first birthday



6 thoughts on “Photobook: IY’s First Year

    • So far belum buat audit lagi gambar abang ke adik yang lagi banyak! Haha. Tapi I have to admit I was more rajin dulu untuk sort IY’s pictures ikut months. Z’s pictures are more sorted ikut events and dates. And banyak gambar with abang so that will a new challenge for me nak sort ikut bulan. Oh well, later pikir. LOL!
      Anyways, yes adil itu mesti cuma maybe dengan cara yang berbeza. :=).

    • Yup I agree that the sorting of pictures dah lain dengan masa anak sulung dulu. Tak ter keep up dah folder dalam pc ni.

      Of course sayang tetap samaaa!

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