Health Screening

A few weeks ago me and hubs went for our yearly health screening at Gleneagles. We subscribed to their 10-year programme and I wanted to make it a must for us to go for the checkup every year. I wasn’t planning to write about this but when Angelina Jolie news came out, I feel that I need to jot down something for the benefit of others. Also for my own future reference.

No worries, I’m fine. Hubs too. Just a little high side on the cholesterol. Yikes!

So this entry is about my health screening experience.

Appointment was at 9am. When we arrived, there were people already waiting. First, they did an eye test. Baca the board E W X Y and so on. I did my lasik 9 years ago and my eyes are still good! Yay! Next is the colour-blind test. Haaa this was quite tough for me. Berpinar mata nak baca the number yang “tersorok” in the red-green dots. The nurse asked me, you colour blind ke? I said no. But my dad is. Aahh, that explains it. Must be in the genes. Tee-hee!

They took my blood pressure reading and drew some blood. Well, not some. A LOT of blood. Oh we had to fast since 11pm the night before tau. Lepas ambil darah, urine sample pulak. Next, I went to the doctor’s room. The lady doctor had a series of questions from family history to my contraceptive methods. Very detailed questions I must say. Then came the most dreaded part –PAP SMEAR!! Argh! I hate pap smear. Hate hate hate!

After that, I went to the X-Ray room and later the ultrasound room. Masa ultrasound ni lama betul. This was done by a different lady doctor. She checked my kidneys, spleen, abdomen, lungs, ovaries and womb and last my breasts. Melekit satu badan dengan the cold gel tuuu! The breasts ultrasound was the longest. Very detailed. When I mentioned her I’m still breastfeeding, she said she can see that. She showed me on the screen my milk ducts yang masih besar dan lebar. She said a non-bf mommy will have thin lines instead.

After the ultrasound, we went for a hearing test. Then, salin baju sukan. For an ECG and stress test. What’s that? Basically to check on the heart and lungs. First I had to blow on a device untuk check lung capacity. Then I lie down and they put on the wires on my chest. Pastu with the wires jugak I have to run on a treadmill. It started slow, jalan dulu. Makin lama the intensity increases and towards the end, I was running and grasping for air! When I can’t take it no more, I tell them when to stop. The machine records my heart beats. Ada kertas graph keluar. Sambil lari ada TV dalam bilik tu boleh tengok movie so it wasn’t too boring.

The blowing device was something like this if I'm not mistaken. I kinda forgot how it looked like.

The blowing device was something like this if I’m not mistaken. I kinda forgot how it looked like. Source: Google

This is stress test. Source: Google

This is stress test. Source: Google

After that, I’m done. That was almost 2pm. Phew! Dapat Dome free meal voucher. Weee!

The next week we had to come back to the hospital to see the doctor to discuss the results. As I said, they didn’t find anything peculiar that needed further investigation. Alhamdulillah. But my cholesterol readings were off the charts. Kena jaga makan and exercise more. Baiklah!

For hubs, his cholesterol was a bit high too (although I beat him lah – not that I’m proud of), but his uric acid was also borderline. He needs to alter his diet. Tak nak melarat jadi gout nanti.

Until next screening next year, healthy lifestyle it is!

I’m thinking of HPV vaccination. I’ve been considering to take this cervical cancer vaccination for quite some time now, but the thought of pap smear freaks me out! Alahai lemah lutut. Now that I have done it, I can proceed with it. I’m googling for the cost though. So jealous that my baby sis got it for free at school! Napa la zaman kita dulu takde. Haihh!

Last but not least, stay healthy mommy and daddies! We need our health for our kids’ sake. Right?



4 thoughts on “Health Screening

    • Pap smear done! Errk! Ngeri! Rasa x comfortable, bukan sakit. The doc asked me to take deep breaths during the process. But the good things–it’s super fast! Mcm eh x sedar dah siap dah?

      I recommend u buat. Good for us kan. Cewahh eksen i mentang2 dah lepas ek? LOL!

  1. Hehe i might be a bit sick but i dont mind pap smears at all. Lol. Yes i am weird.

    Thanks so much for this post hun, its a reminder for me to go for my own check ups. Sometimes i forget n neglect check ups!

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