Istanbul Trip 2013: Here we go!

Istanbul is today. Woot woot!!

I guess this will be the starting entry of my many many entries to come. I call it the Istanbul Series. Poyo je kan? Well, whatevs! I’m just too excited!

We are all set for this adventure. To be frank, I am looking forward to the scenery and history. As for now, not so much on the shopping. But we shall see la kan? Tak sampai lagi mana tau kan?

I have been googling and watching videos on how beautiful Istanbul is. I hope I’ll manage to capture those too on my camera. Kata dah ada DSLR kannn? Walaupun auto set, tetap saya nak over! I’ll try to update live (via Instagram) if the wifi permits. InsyaAllah.

Remember how I was nervous about my boys? Well, I pray they will behave themselves throughout. Even if they don’t, I promise myself to let loose and keep my cool. Kids will always be kids. They don’t care about the destination. But God knows how much they absorb throught the journey. Having said that, I’m going to treasure their journey. Our journey.

But of course, with all extra precautions and backups! Front seat on the plane, snacks, toys and colouring books in handbag, games on iphone (but not bringing the ipad), lots and lots of babywipes. And that’s just to name a few! Travel light? What’s that?! Haha!

So okay, doakan kami selamat pergi dan kembali. Coming back with a lifetime experience.  Because travelling experience is something I treasure most. I love travelling!

Bye KL. See you in 6 days!



4 thoughts on “Istanbul Trip 2013: Here we go!

  1. have fun dear! sorry aritu u ada tanya pasal tips on istanbul and i forgot to reply. i went when i was a teenager, so not much tips for travelling with kids pun lol. hope u guys have heaps of fun! stay safe!

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