Istanbul Trip 2013: Day 3

29 May 2013

I have to say this was the most tiring day of all. Because it’s a walking day tour. We walked to almost everywhere. The distance from our hotel to these places was about 5-10 mins je.

The Hippodrome

Masa sampai sini, Emine started telling us the history of the place. I couldn’t concentrate because my boys sudah start excited melihat kawasan yang begitu luas untuk dijelajahi! My dad, uncle and bro were listening intently. Me and Gee on the other hand sudah sibuk mengejar anak. There were sellers here and there trying to sell us stuff too. We gave in finally and bought a Turkish gasing for IY.

The square

Walking towards the Hippodrome square. During the good old days, it was a place of sporting and social centre of Constantinople, capital of the Byzantine Empire. Dia macam satu dataran yang besar. Ayasofya and Blue Mosque are just next to it.

Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque (or also known as Sultanahmet Camii by the locals) is a historical mosque in Istanbul. It is known as “Blue Mosque” because of the blue tiles surrounding the walls of the interior design. The mosque was built between 1609 and 1616 during the rule of Sultan Ahmed 1.

The queue to enter the mosque was long but fast moving. Strollers were not allowed so Gee stayed behind with Z outside. One interesting thing about Istanbul is we saw dogs everywhere. As many as cats. Type yang besar2 pulak tu macam German Shephard or askar polis kita tu. But they were very calm and jinak. Tido baring je. Even dalam perkarangan Blue mosque tu ada sekor dua tengah relax tido. The first time nampak, we were nervous takut dia terjah kita ke apa. But Emine assured us that the dogs are okay. Tak kacau orang. Cumaaaa saya risau anak saya yang kacau dia!

While lining up to enter the mosque

While lining up to enter the mosque. The sleeping dog was beside us

Once dah masuk, kena bukak kasut and masuk dalam plastic ni. Carry your own shoes inside. The green robes are for ladies to cover up

Once dah masuk, kena bukak kasut and masuk dalam plastic. Carry your own shoes inside. The green robes are for the ladies to cover up

Inside the mosque. We were not allowed to enter the praying area. They put a bar (see behind me).

Inside the mosque. Cantik sangat! We were not allowed to enter the praying area. They put a barricade (see behind me) to separate the areas. This is an active mosque so bila masuk waktu solat, visitors are not allowed to go in. Kecuali kalau nak solat lah. Gee, Dad, Uncle and Bro went for their Friday prayers here on our 5th day. Khutbah in Turkish of course. Alhamdulillah, such an experience for them

Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque

see him guling2

Tengok la tu! Guling2 atas carpet buat macam rumah sendiri. The carpet is covered with plastic on top. Still, the next day IY got the rashes all over his body. We were lucky ada pharmacist depan hotel for the meds supply. He was prescribed with calamine lotion and antihistamine syrup. I bought Seba Med body wash and cream at the supermarket. He was fever-ish too but I brought PCM from home already. We were nervous if the rashes tu tak hilang and airport salah faham measles pulak! But luckily it subsided by the time nak balik Malaysia. Phew!

Topkapi Palace

Keluar mosque kita masuk Topkapi Palace pulak. Topkapi Palace is a very large palace in Istanbul. It was the primary residence of the Ottoman Sultans for approximately 400 years of their 624-year reign. Another famous palace was the Dolmabahce Palace tapi yang tu we didn’t go. But we saw from outside masa naik Bosphorus cruise. Manusia punyala ramai! It was the peak summer tourist season. No wonder lah kan.

Inside the palace. more buildings inside and each has it's own story

Inside the palace. Lepas masuk ikut main entrance pintu gerbang there were more buildings inside and each has its own functions. We were told that at one time the whole palace can accommodate up to 4000 people! Imagine how big is that!

Topkapi Palace entrace

Topkapi Palace entrance

Strollers were also not allowed inside the buildings. Z was sleeping so we hang out kat luar palace courtyard je layan amik picture while the rest of the family masuk tengok tinggalan sejarah. Among the stuff they got to see were the robes of the sultans, pedang Nabi Muhammad S.A.W and other holy relics di zaman kegemilangan empayar Islam dulu. Tu yang beratur panjang orang masuk nak tengok tu.


See that lady in black with the camera smiling at us? She was observing IY from afar when IY was playing around with our camera. She came to us and took his picture. Pastu dia cakap IY cute! IY went to take her picture pulak. Haha! Rajin minah salleh tu layan IY. Siap swap camera and they took pictures of each other. I was pretty nervous when she handed her super bulky pro camera to him. Gee siap tanya “are you sure?”. Nasib baik takde apa berlaku di luar jangkaan, kalau takkk…sekali lagi tak balik la kami nak bayar hutang. *nangesss*.

She took this picture of us

She took this picture of us. That orange thing in Z’s hand is the Turkish gasing I was telling about. Berebut main 2 beradik! Last2 kena beli sorang satu.


It used to be a church during the Constantinople years. When the Ottoman Turks conquered Istanbul it was turned into a mosque. Later when Turkey became a Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk instructed for it to become a museum. As we entered the building, we could see tinggalan sejarah that reflected an image of a church. Still ada painting image of Maryam, Nabi Isa (a.s) and detailing dia memang still very church-ish. When we entered the main area, baru nampak ALLAH MUHAMMAD signs and kalimah suci Al-Quran on the ceiling and walls. Sungguh cantik Subhanallah!

Inside of Ayasofya. One of the pictures nampak ada scaffolding kat tepi. That part is closed for restoration. Dalam ni boleh pakai kasut and bawak stroller. Its only function is just for visits and bukan untuk solat.

Inside of Ayasofya. One of the pictures nampak ada scaffolding kat tepi. That part is closed for restoration. Dalam ni boleh pakai kasut and bawak stroller. Its only function is just for visits and bukan untuk solat.

We were almost done for the day. But not until singgah sebentar kat Grand Bazaar for some shopping experience! We didn’t shop menggila. Just the basic tourist-y common stuff like fridge magnets, tshirts and stuff.

I wanna finish my Istanbul entries sebelum my travelling mojo is gone! Nanti lupa pulak details satu2 apa nak cerita. I didn’t jot down apa2 pun sepanjang kat sana. My writings are all based on what I remember when I see my pictures. And little bit of Wiki if I don’t remember the history facts.

After Grand Bazaar we head back to the hotel. Walking. Memang dekat sangat hotel. Again, we were knackered to the bone. After solat, we all keluar balik to get dinner. Tapau je balik bilik. I can’t remember what we ate. I think it was Burger King. Haha..baru hari ketiga dah lemau tengok kebab and doner.

Ok next up is Day 4. Stay tuned!



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