Istanbul Trip 2013: Day 4

30 May 2013

On Day 4 we went to Princess Island. It’s an one-hour ferry ride to this small island. Here there are no cars or other vehicle except for ambulance police bomba etc. People ride bikes or just walk. We took a horse carriage ride pusing satu pulau. Had lunch and we headed back to the city. We said our goodbyes and thank yous to Emine, went back to the hotel to rest a little bit. After Asar, we went out on our own jalan2 to Grand Bazaar and look for dinner.

Nothing much to story. Or more like dah habis holiday mood kot. LOL! So layan pictures je k?

Our ferry to the little island. Ramai orang bersesak jugak masa nak naik ni.

Our ferry to the little island. Ramai orang bersesak masa nak naik ni. Geram pun ada gak. Macam la ferry tu nak tinggalkan dia. Rumah kat pulau ni mostly are the summer residence of the locals.

Viewa at the island. Here and there. IT's summer so ramai je yang berpicnic and ber BBQ

Views at the island. Here and there. It’s summer so ramai je yang berpicnic and ber BBQ. I was searching for pictures orang picnic and BBQ tapi takde pulak. Semua gambar scenery je kitaorg amik.

Our lunch spot

Our lunch spot

Turkish ice cream

Turkish ice cream. The platter on the left was my dad’s. He ordered the different kind ada baklava siap on the sides. I’m not too adventurous when it comes to eating so vanilla and choc is fine with me. Turkish ice cream is somewhat different in texture. Taste lebih kurang sama. Remember the one Lisa had in the movie? The one with the magic show tunggang terbalik ice cream tu. Haa this is the one. Just that ours were served without any show la. My sis bought one with the show on our first day. Tapi tak sempat nak Keek when the guy did it.

On our horse ride

On our horse ride. Perasan tak ada bump on Z’s forehead? Budak bertuah ni jatuh kat hotel and benjol sudah. Abang IY masa ni dah start lemau. He had fever at the end of this 4th day and rashes started coming out already. Mommy cuak!


Turkish men loved Z. Ke mana kami pergi Z was very popular. So was abang IY (particularly because his name is Ilhan–a common Turkish name). The Turks ni style kalau suka budak bukan main agah2 cuit2 je tapi sampai angkat letak atas riba, gomoi2 peluk kiss lagi. This guy bought Z the Turkish gasing. We were sitting beside him in the ferry. Baik sungguh. See Z’s expression. Amboi tak agak2 anak mama ni beriya tunggu pakcik ni pilih colour.

Day 5 and 6 kita combine nanti la ye. Huwarghhh…bila la tu. Semakin lama semakin lemau dah ni nak menulis. But for memory sake kan..I will finish this. I will.


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